It’s Bon Soo Time Again!


The 54th Ontario Winter Carnival Bon Soo kicked off with an opening ceremonies and spectacular fireworks show at the winter carnival’s new home, The Machine Shop.

Though brisk winds and blowing snow kept the crowd number down from previous years, hundreds enjoyed the bumslides, the free Tim Horton’s chocolate and entertainment inside the Machine shop Friday night.

Bon Soo continues all weekend with a full event schedule planned including the newest major event, the first ever “Highland Ford CAN/AM Cup” National Snowcross races at the The YARD located next door to the Machine Shop, and the Polar Bear Swim Sunday at Bellevue Park.


  1. I just want to say….I drove from one end of town to the other and up the hill and back running errands today and if I didn’t live here, and know Bon Soo was on, I would have no idea!! Not one sign, nothing around town to celebrate the event and bring people to it. The only advertising I can find is on one website that I never read. C’mon Bon Soo, you have a budget for advertising, what the hell?? What is the point of having this big festival when half the town (let alone any visitors to the city) don’t even know it’s going on. This is OUR community event! I should have seen advertising across all our media, not just the one Bon Soo is so obviously too cozy with. Disgraceful really. Several people called me last night asking why they were hearing fireworks!!??? They assumed it was for the kick off of the I-500 in Sault Michigan. People from HERE were not aware Bon Soo had started, but knew about the 1-500. And I rest my case.

  2. Started to watch the “Opening Cermonies”, but had to shut it off. What a complete disappointment and embarrassment to the sponsors and Community !! Really ? Although it was nice to have somewhere to go to get warm, it’s an “OUTDOOR WINTER CARNIVAL” ! Why were you not outdoors doing this ? There were at least people outside, as opposed to the 45 people inside eating and not even paying attention to the flop on stage. Get your act together ! You couldn’t even film the fantastic fireworks (good job OLG) from outside ? You may have caught people actually enjoying them. By the way Tim, and the rest, the first Carnival was 1964, not 1963. Way to ruin our Carnival

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