Judge to decide who gets disputed $100K prize


SYDNEY, N.S. – A Cape Breton couple who won $100,000 has been forced into court, accused of backing out of a verbal deal to split the cash prize with the other finalists.

The runners-up claim in affidavits filed with the Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Sydney, N.S., that there was a verbal agreement to split winnings awarded by car dealership MacDonald Auto Group on Jan. 6, with each of the five finalists receiving $20,000.

But the winners of the cash prize — Kimberly Seymour and Darin Seymour — argue in separate affidavits that the deal is not binding, although Kimberly Seymour admits to saying “I guess so” and “OK” but never “yes” when the proposition was made by finalist Priscilla Gould.

Kimberly Seymour had attended the draw on behalf of her husband and says she suffers from anxiety, felt intimidated by Gould and “pretended to agree in fear of retribution” if she did not.

Darin Seymour, who had to work at the time of draw and sent his wife in his place, says he did not agree to give away 80 per cent of his winnings, and would never have agreed to such a proposition.

Supreme Court Judge Frank Edwards has issued an interim order that protects $80,000 of the winnings from being spent until he renders a decision on an injunction that seeks to preserve the prize until a trial can be heard.