Liberal Caucus Service Bureau: Facts Still Matter in Ontario


(via email 4:31 pm)

Hello Everyone,

Patrick Brown frequently spreads false information across Ontario. He enjoys making false claims to the  business community, usually when he speaks at chambers of commerce – just like he’s about to do in Sault St. Marie today.

In advance of today’s speech, we wanted to share some factual corrections about previous claims Patrick Brown has made to mislead Ontarians.

We believe it’s important for Ontario families and businesses to have the right information, because Facts Still Matter in Ontario.

He will claim: “Ontario’s economy is falling behind”

Fact: Ontario is leading the G7 in economic growth (Source:

Fact: The most recent numbers show that Ontario led the country in Foreign Direct Investment and saw more FDI ($4,062) than California ($4,036), Ohio ($3,164), Michigan ($1,668) and Pennsylvania which didn’t even crack the top 20. (Source: FDI Intelligence)

He will claim: “Ontario is drowning in red tape”

Fact: The CFIB nominated has nominated the Ontario government for its golden scissors award for cutting red tape 3 years in a row. This year the government received two nominations. (Source:

He will claim: “Ontario has the highest electricity rates in North America”

Fact: The Northern rates are very competitive in part because our government renewed the Northern Industrial Rate Electricity Program. (Source:

He will claim: “There’s a skill gap in Ontario that the government refuses to address”

Fact: Patrick Brown voted against giving free university and college tuition to students from middle and low income families. (Source:

He will claim: “The government isn’t actually building any infrastructure”

Fact: Here are some of the very recent examples of investments being made by our government in Sault Ste. Marie. $2.4 million for the Sault Area hospital, 4800 square foot expansion of the Algoma Residential Community Hospice, Retrofitting Alexander Henry High School and St. Basil Catholic Elementary School, and $23.5 million for Algoma University.