Liberals vote against ending winter disconnections


Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals had a chance Tuesday to join with the NDP and end the practice of disconnecting hydro in the winter – but voted against it.

“Last year 60,000 households had their hydro cut off,” said NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, who tabled the motion on Tuesday morning, the Legislative Assembly’s first day back in session. “Now, the Liberals want to play politics. They want to hold their power to stop winter disconnections as a bargaining chip so they can force the legislature to support their 158-page Harper-style omnibus bill.”

The bill in question, Bill 27, takes action like privatizing Ontario Place.

“Wynne doesn’t get it,” said Horwath. “People can’t live in a home without power. Parents shouldn’t have to put their kids to bed in a house without heat. My motion would have been by far the fastest way to stop this dangerous practice.”

Horwath said that while ending winter disconnections is urgent, her overall focus will be on a concrete plan to drop the high price of hydro and lower people’s monthly hydro bills.


  1. Shame, shame, shame On the liberal party and its leader Kathleen Wynne. Somewhere along the line our elected members of parliament forgot they are supposed to be acting on behalf of the people they represent, not corporate greed.

  2. Kick her ass to the curve, she doesn’t know what she is saying, or doing, no brain, no body home, she just love to spend our money, no aware toward the people who vote her in, she has no heart or soul, don’t care for no one but herself, she is wreckly, and destroy our life, and city, I hope karma bite her hard for hurt others, kick her out of office

  3. Did she not juuust raise the prices?
    Is she displaying signs of narcissism, with power and control via gaslighting tactics? Am I mistaken?
    Why do o pay more to receive the hydro than the actual consumed hydro itself? Should i just say to he// with it and leave my lights on all day, electric heat blasted and do my wash and drying during whichever hours are suitable to benefit my health rather than save energy?

  4. I agree with Kari. This woman needs to step aside. She is sinking Ontario. My Family is considering moving out of Ontario because it is no longer affordable.

  5. I am aghast at the arrogance of this government. It beyond belief if we weren’t witnessing it for ourselves.

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