Mathematical Mindsets

Trustees Gladys Wiggins and Graham Lidstone use blocks to help determine a math equation.

Currently, the Algoma District School Board Trustees are using Jo Boaler’s book, “Mathematical Mindsets” to deepen their understanding of mathematics instruction and of the professional learning that is being planned and/or undertaken across the district to support mathematics achievement.  At their first introductory session tonight, Trustees learned that Senior Administration is part of a group of 24 educators who are enrolled or who have completed Jo Boaler’s course entitled:  “How to Learn Math:  For Teachers”  and who are, as a next step, planning to engage more staff in the course.

Additionally, Trustees engaged in two math activities as part of a demonstration on how to make mathematics learning more “open ended” to promote a growth mindset.  Jo Boaler’s work and course is directly linked to Carol Dweck’s work on “Mindsets” which was the book study in which the trustees engaged last year.

Student Trustee Benn Fisher works with Chair Jennifer Sarlo to investigate a math problem