NDP: Out of control hydro rates to blame for disconnections


NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says climbing hydro rates are behind the rise in disconnections across the province, echoing public statements from Giordan Zin, Supervisor of Customer Engagement at the Sault’s Public Utility Commission.

“The Sault Ste. Marie Public Utility doesn’t want to see families cut off. [Zin] says the solution is to bring down the actual costs of electricity,” said Horwath during question period this morning. “The premier knows as well as I do that private contracts lock Ontarians into paying private profits for years, but we can actually direct public companies to charge less. That’s why public power can be such a powerful tool that can benefit families, businesses, and the province as a whole.”

Zin has publicly called on Energy Minster Glenn Thibeault to address skyrocketing hydro rates, saying: “If you want to solve this problem, the solution is in controlling the commodity price of electricity.”

Horwath pushed the premier to take action.

“Is the premier going to do what’s right for families in the Soo as well as families across Ontario and start to actually address the costs of electricity so people can afford their bills?,” asked Horwath. “When the … Sault Ste. Marie PUC is telling the government it needs to reduce the cost of electricity, are the Liberals listening?”