Protest over privatization of the LCBO begins

LCBO Protest

Members of OPSEU, local citizens and the We-Own-it Campaign are gathering in front of the LCBO on Great Northern Road to protest what they call the “back-door” privatization of the LCBO.

“Privatization hurts all of us. How are we going to replace $2-Billion in revenue?” said Amy Medaglia with OPSEUs local 602.

That’s the amount of money that the LCBO provides back to the province for various social services like hospitals.

Joe Krmpotich, the NDP candidate for the next provincial by-election for Sault Ste. Marie was the only party-hopeful to show up out of any of the political parties.

“I support them 100 per cent. This is about good paying jobs in our community and this is about good paying jobs for our children and our grandchildren and that they remain here… remain full-time and don’t go down to part time with no benefits and pension contributions for our constituents,” said Krmpotich.

Felicia Fahey, an executive board member with OPSEU local 681 and a bargaining-unit d-store manager with the LCBO came from Sudbury to be here.

“We’re here to stress the vital importance of keeping the LCBO in public hands. We are under the impression that the government is back-door privatizing us. We’re one of the biggest income sources in the province. Why would you fix something that isn’t broken.”

She brought up the point that we can’t mandate social responsibility in a store the size of Walmart, that sells alcohol. Especially with self-checkouts.

She also said “anyone dealing with alcohol issues is not going to be able to get away from it” if every grocery store has the ability to sell alcohol.

She also talked about the job losses in grocery stores for young people that are not old enough to sell alcohol.

Shelley LeBoeuf was also there with the We-Own-it Campaign. They are trying to remove privatization from every political party’s platform by 2018. They are going into the community to show what’s privatized and what’s at risk and making that information available.

“A lot of people don’t realize that our hospital’s parking lot revenue goes to a private company.”

She can be contacted at [email protected] if anyone is interested in more information on privatization.


  1. Yea good point, Linda, cuz they’re doing a great job making sure alcoholics aren’t making things worse for themselves as it is.. Let the gov’t be the only source of booze (and tobacco and marijuana) sales, so they can pump more tax dollars into the hospitals to treat all the addicts. Circular references make sense in the gov’t and in unions…And young people will lose their jobs in department stores? Wow, can we grasp at even more straws here, just to save overpaid union money-grubbing jobs? I’m waiting for the firefighters to jump in here and threaten us with higher home insurance costs, as people will be buying way more booze from way more places, and threats of fire will increase way dramatically. (No one is buying booze in non-LCBO places across-the-river and bringing it home now…)

  2. Ms Wynne will sell anything to try and make the huge provincial debt look smaller. Hydro one should NOT be for sale as well. Why is it that the other 2 political parties in this once great province are not calling for Wynne to resign and call an election?? Afterall….she has lost the confidence of the voters of Ontario.

    • Bang on, Bri; I agree. Bernie, you are clearly ignorant of the issues, the finances, and the fact that hospitals do not just treat addicts. I’m a union member (OPSEU) and I am paid what I am worth; not a money-grubbing overpaid employee at all. I don’t know why you have a hate on for unionized jobs, or perhaps just for government unionized jobs, but those jobs help to set the bar on salaries, working conditions, benefits, and pensions, even in NON-unionized workplaces. Those jobs also provide vital services to the people of Ontario, at a lower cost than what private firms would charge. Open a book once in awhile and do some reading. The concerns voiced by the picketers were genuine, and if you can’t see them, maybe you better get a new script for your glasses.

      • Gee Leslie, you trying picking up a book on how the free enterprise market should run. Monopolies run by gov’t controlled unions is NOT the way to set a bar for market wages. They are paid WITH someone else’s hard-earned taxes. It is a false market dictated by money-grubbing unions providing a monopolized gov’t service, employing a bunch of mindless sheep that cannot think/fend for themselves – so they take someone else’s hard-earned tax dollars and toss some at the union to think for them. And when things don’t go their way…they walk out and shut down the service. How childish. Get a job in the free market, doing something you might actually like and be good at, pay real taxes, (not get paid with someone else’s blood and sweat), and see how you feel about this parasitic waste of resources.

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