Ribbon Cutting, Canvassing and a Chilly Dip

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Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown returned to the Sault this weekend with a busy agenda. Saturday, Brown joined MPP Candidate Ross Romano and his family for an official ribbon romano-brown-002cutting ceremony at his new campaign office at 232 Queen Street East (the former Memoirs location). In addition to brief introductions and speeches, supporters had an opportunity to speak with both Romano and Brown before and after the ceremony.

The hottest topic focused around the rising cost of energy resulting in hardships for both citizens and businesses. Brown spoke of how much energy is generated here in Northern Ontario while the current electricity rates we pay are among some of the highest in the world, comparing us with Hawaii. He stated that contracts continue to be awarded for additional wind and solar farms while Ontario struggles to sell off surpluses to several states in the U.S.

When asked why Premiere Wynne hadn’t called a bi-election on her recent visit to the Sault, Brown could only speculate and voiced his concern about Sault Ste. Marie not having an MPP sitting when parliament resumes. Other topics discussed included Health Care and the exorbitant salaries paid to corporations in Ontario, many at the expense of the taxpayers.

romano-brown-053Later in the afternoon we caught up with Brown and Romano canvassing door to door with a few members of their teams at the Northern end of Lake Street. Despite cold and windy conditions, everyone appeared well prepared for the weather and spent several hours talking to area residents. If things weren’t chilly enough, Mr. Brown voiced his eagerness to participate in the Bon Soo Polar Bear Swim, convincing Romano to join him just a few blocks later. “On the condition we wear our Greyhound Jerseys”, Romano stated.

romano-brown-065On Sunday, a short time after the Bon Soo Polar Bear event began, Brown and Romano along with a couple members of their teams appeared on the ice at Bellevue Park. Wearing their Greyhound Jerseys, both men wasted no time plunging into the icy water like they were seasoned pros. Congratulations gentlemen, here are a few photos to reminisce over!

To learn more about PC Candidate Ross Romano, visit www.rossromano.ca

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  1. Mr Romano….how is your party going to get hydro rates under control??? It is easy to be critical but most of us are interested in what you are going to do about the problem.

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