Romano comments on dwindling population in the Sault


Today StatsCan released data from the 2016 Census and found that the population of Sault Ste. Marie was now 73,368 – down 2.4 percent in just 5 years.

“Sault Ste. Marie should be a major northern hub. With a bridge to the United States and the Port of Algoma, business should be booming and people should be flocking to the Sault. But sadly after 13 years of Liberal government policies, the Sault is at a competitive disadvantage leading to jobs and youth leaving the city,” Ontario PC candidate Ross Romano said.

“I left for university and came back to the Sault because I believe in this city. It is where I was born and raised, it is the city I love and it’s the city where I want to continue to raise my children. I want everyone to have the same opportunity I did but under this Liberal government the opportunities are few and far between,” said Romano.


  1. Like many small northern communities, this is also doomed to the same fate. Businesses have closed, mills/plants downsized dramatically, bankruptcies and the gov’t will be laying off also. Gov’ts can no longer force people to relocate here, immigration will not cause growth here(no reason for them to come here) and there is no reason for the market to create business/wealth here. Look around the northern states, other small northern Ontario communities and similar provinces. The story repeats itself time and time again. Not enough locals coming back and raising families. Children grow up, go to school elsewhere, get real jobs (not reliant on gov’t jobs), and have their children elsewhere. This will become a rust belt town, fighting a slow death due to its size, but inevitable. One more generation and that will be about it…

  2. The poor city cant take much more fleecing by Essar. It’s been reduced to a mere shadow of itself. The government is not going to save it no matter which flavor it is, its already failed miserably at that.

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