Romano and Brown Push Connecting Link Funding For Black Road


When it comes to connecting link funding, Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown said his government would do things differently. Brown along with local PC candidate and City Councillor Ross Romano made a statement to press Wednesday, the first day of the PC leader’s Northern Ontario Tour.

Brown said he would let the municipalities decide where infrastructure money is spent.

The City has applied for funding under the connecting links program to widen Black Road from McNabb street to Second Line. The funding request was flatly refused by the current government stating that it did not qualify as a connecting link.

That leaves Ross and council scratching their heads on that logic.

“The Ministry of Transportation has said it didn’t qualify because Black Road was used primarily by local traffic but what connecting link doesn’t have local traffic?”  Ross has put forth a motion on the subject for the next council meeting.

Prior to David Orazietti resigning his seat as MPP, the MTO was firm on its decision however now that a by-election is about to be called for Sault Ste. Marie , the MTO is now inviting the City to re-apply for the funding Romano said.

Connecting links funding was approved for the section from Trunk Road to McNabb but denied for McNabb to Second Line last year.


  1. It would seem that the best way to receive funds is to have an election. Watch for a lot of goodies to flow our way. I suspect Wynne is not calling the by election due to the tough time finding a candidate to run for her Liberals. What??? no sacrificial lambs ??

  2. I might strongly suggest, folks, that wynne’s liberals will do exactly what is best, not for SSM, but for her liberal party. Plain and simple !!! She will call a by-election on her terms and what we in Sault Ste. Marie think about this is not of her concern. Of course, that’s just a local taxpayer’s opinion.
    On another note, don’t be surprised if wynne surprises us with the connecting link funding, on the 11th hour, if she sees things getting rocky, leading up to this by-election.
    In the mean time folks, hang on to your wallets. She’s digging in………………..

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