Sault temperatures on the rise from climate change


The effects of climate change are now being felt here at home. Based on scientific data collected by Accuweather, temperatures in Sault Ste. Marie in 2016 increased by 1.6 degrees Celsius more than the seasonal average according to the statement issued by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

saultstemarieScientists agree that this was the hottest year ever recorded globally – a trend that will continue if action is not taken.

Following the Federal Government’s decision to put a national price on carbon, every province now needs to implement a carbon pricing plan. Ontario is ahead of the curve and already moving forward with our Climate Change Action Plan, which includes putting a cap on the amount of emissions businesses can release into the atmosphere. This approach guarantees emission reductions at the cheapest price possible.

In direct contrast, the carbon tax supported by Patrick Brown and the provincial Conservatives would cost families four times more without guaranteeing any reductions. Third-party experts EnviroEconomics have confirmed this, showing Brown’s scheme would cost households up to $600 more per year.

We are also reinvesting every dollar collected, allowing us to support up to $1.9 billion a year in green projects that fight climate change and save you money – such as retrofitting homes and buildings to improve energy efficiency and making it easier to purchase an electric car. These investments will help families and businesses reduce costs and make the switch to non-polluting choices easier and less expensive. The Conservatives’ plan doesn’t include the investments necessary to ease this transition.

With climate change now a real and present threat, Ontario needs a realistic plan that balances action with affordability. Unlike the inefficient, unaffordable carbon tax favoured by the Conservatives, Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan is a fair, responsible approach that has the support of third-party experts, businesses and other governments and will allow us to fight climate change while also setting Ontario up for the jobs of the future.


  1. There is no threat from CO2 accept the lack of it!

    Atmospheric CO2 is at nearly the lowest level it has ever been in the whole history of this planet. And the geological and historical evidence shows beyond any shadow of a doubt, that in all epochs when CO2 was higher than it is today, the natural system, the ecosystem, was more robust and more diverse than it is today’s, on land and at sea.

    The Dinosaurs died out when CO2 hit bottom. Their extinction was the result of the plunging levels of CO2 that whipped out their food supply, not some fictitious asteriod.

    The Sahara Desert and most deserts around the planet were at one time green and full of life. Our planet is dying for a lack of CO2. That is why commercial greenhouses have to add CO2 in order to be profitable. And everyone seems determined to be the one to drive the final nail into the coffin of our beautiful planet.

    CO2 does NOT qualify as a greenhouse gas (by definition) and has absolutely nothing to do with climate, as can be clearly observed in any graph of prehistoric CO2 levels.

    The contemporary crusade against CO2 is the worst possible scenario. But what else would you expect when everyone ignores the hard science, in favour of opinion and consensus. We developed science so we wouldn’t have to rely on opinion and consensus. We appear to be regressing in our human development.

    CO2 is the key to turning this planet into the Garden of Eden it was always intended to be!

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