Sault woman could use a little help


Jurnee Lynn Stadnisky is anticipating an April delivery date of puppies from Autumn, the Golden Retriever with ‘joie de vivre’. Autumn is a very important part of GoldenPride Kennel, near Echo Bay, Ontario. Among Autumn’s litter, is a female puppy that is already spoken for, and will be trained as a service dog for Jurnee.

Service Dogs are an important link towards independence for individuals who benefit from the support a service dog can offer.

Jurnee, her grandmother Pam MacInnes, along with Jurnee’s boyfriend Carl Kennedy, took a drive out to GoldenPride Kennel to visit with Autumn and Jennifer Hart.

Hart is the owner of GoldenPride Kennel, which was established in 1998. Located along Hwy 11/17 between Echo Bay and Laird, Ontario, GoldenPride Kennel is situated on a  rural property, that includes an expanisve Play – and – Stay Doggie Resort for boarding and daycare.

GoldenPride Kennel is a member of the GRCC (Golden Retriever Club of Canada), CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) and also SSMKC (Sault Ste Marie Kennel Club). Hart believes that the health and integrity of the Golden Retriever breed is of paramount importance.

“We breed for the betterment of the breed which helps us to protect the breed and its future.” stated Hart.

“We have spent endless hours researching our bloodlines to ensure each puppy genetically sound and free from clinical signs of health debilitating defects.  We test for hip and elbow dysplasia through x-rays and evaluated by Board Certified Radiologist. Eyes are checked annually by Opthamologist and Heart examined by Cardiologist…These screedings and tests are costly, but extremely necessary in order to provide happy healthy puppies.”

Jurnee has undertaken a fundraising campaign to help with the cost of purchasing one of Autumn’s puppies, as well as fees for training the golden retriever as a service dog.

Jurnee already has a name picked out, and shared with saultonline that she is probably going to call her puppy, ‘Beka’.

“When we pick a puppy for Jurnee, we need to choose one that is not too submissive.” shared Jennifer Hart.  “We want the puppy to be able to respond to Jurnee’s needs. She will come into contact with things that could be frightening for a dog that is highly sensitive; Things like traffic noises, for example.”

Hart recommends that Jurnee purchase a specially designed ‘jacket’ for her puppy that reads, ‘Service Dog At Work.’ While the temptation to reach out and pet or interact with a service dog is natural, it is important for the public to understand that a service dog is always ‘on guard’ and ‘at work’ while out and about with the owner. Service Dogs are trained to react to subtle changes in an individual’s medical or health status, as well as to be vigilant for environmental surroundings. Distracting a service dog can pose a risk to both the owner and the dog.

Saultonline learned of Jurnee’s fundraising campaign, and met up with her at GoldenPride Kennel to share the story about this remarkable young woman. Jurnee’s eyes positively light up when she is around Autumn, and one can’t help but see how Jurnee is affected by the gentle nature of Autumn, the golden retriever.

Jurnee is a graduate of (former) St. Basil’s Highschool as well as Sault College Health and Fitness programme. Jurnee was a recipient of the Sault Ste. Marie Professional Firefighters’ Association, Local 529 Scholarship in 2015.

Jurnee states on her GoFundMe campaign page:

‘Hi, my name is Jurnee Lynn Stadnisky. I am 21 years old and since birth, I have been diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy. My CP makes me completely nonverbal and confines me to a wheelchair. Despite the challenges in my life I am a very independent and active person. I am starting this campaign to raise funds for me to purchase a Golden Retriever puppy from a licensed breeder (Golden Pride). I want to raise and train this dog as a Mobility Service dog. The dog’s job will be to help pick things off the ground to reduce stress on my spine, as well as to help me transfer out of my chair etc. The dog’s other duties would be anxiety support and relief. I want to get this dog to increase my independence.’

If you can help Jurnee on her journey for an independent life that includes a service dog, please visit:

To learn more about GoldenPride Kennel go