Splash Pad fundraiser, starting Feb.24th


If you are one of the many locals hoping to get a splash pad in the near future, there is one way you can help. A local hockey tournament is starting next weekend to raise funds for the cause.

The splash pad that has been talked about at city council is getting a bit closer to becoming a reality next weekend with a hockey tournament run by a few dedicated locals: Albert Williams, Lorie Springall and Rick Wysynski.

Williams is heading the fundraiser as the tournament organizer and has helped with his hockey tournaments to raise money for ARCH Hospice, Strathclair Park lighting and the building of a park on Marconi Street to name a few.

Last year the tournament actually raised $36,000 for ARCH.

This year’s efforts are focused on something council surely wants and so do many locals: a splash pad.

This is the 14th year that the tournament has been running to raise money for various local causes.

There will be 10 men’s teams and 8 women’s teams competing.

Approximately 220 players will be gathering pledges and Williams said even he could be contacted personally at 705-255-0094 to take pledges.

The games will run from the 24th to the 26th at the John Rhodes Community Centre.

Games on Friday the 24th will start at 6 p.m. Saturday’s games will start at 10 a.m. and the playoffs will be on Sunday starting in the morning.

“Help step-up and help to make a pledge for a player,” Williams wants to say.

“It will be great for kids to get together and start interacting more,” is what he hopes the splash pad will do. “It’s nice to get them back outside and get some fresh air and exercise.”

“There’s not a lot to do at no cost and the splash pad would be a big help,” Williams feels for the community.

He also says next year’s tournament is also earmarked for this cause.


  1. Once again it is up to the taxpayers to come to the aid of worthy cause what is wrong with the city council where is all the tax money going

  2. Having a splash pad will be great I have a daughter that has cerbal palsy and can not swim so being able to crawl around will be awesome and I agree with Amanda Mora 100 %

  3. I find it incredibly disheartening when community members have to fundraise for something that should be available to the community. If city hall can’t afford a splash pad they sure as shit can’t afford a facelift.

    • I so agree with Amanda Mora..they could also fix the streets and also enlarge the budget for snow removal..no reason why the motoring public should have to be driving in oncoming lanes to round corners or cross railroad tracks when there is suppose to be 2 lanes at the very Least!!

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