USW Local Union 2251 Members Vote 98% in favour of Strike Mandate


On February 23rd, 2017, the membership of USW Local Union 2251were presented with a synopsis of what has transpired between the Negotiating Committee, a bidder and the employer.

The Membership of United Steelworkers Local Union 2251 voted to give a Strike Mandate to the Negotiating Committee from 5:00 am until 8:30 pm today at the Marconi Hall.

The members’ have given the Negotiating Committee a very strong mandate with a 98% Yes vote.

The members of Local Union 2251 have repeatedly responded to the company’s requests in time of need.  By this vote, they have stated emphatically that they are prepared to negotiate a Collective Agreement that makes sense and is fair to all.

The members of Local Union 2251 and their Bargaining Committee are looking for a collective agreement that is fair to all the workers. It is appropriate that the members that have given so much are entitled to a fair Collective Agreement that provides them a share when the market make the Company profitable.


  1. Lemmings…you know where they end up…0% is not better than 90%…I truly hope this works out for all parties involved, but there are a great many closed facilities sitting there rusting, or torn down leaving empty lots. The social cost will be unimaginable, and could have been avoided as part of all parties trying to keep this dead horse alive. Huff & puff about solidarity now, but if this backfires, ouch…fingers crossed for the families involved.

    • Obviously you have no idea what was at stake here, they had no other choice than to take a strike vote.
      It doesn’t mean they are going on strike unless the global crooks continue to demand the totally unreasonable.

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