Well shutdown could impact some east-end homes


PUC would like to advise water customers of a planned shutdown of the Shannon Well next week. This shutdown is necessary to allow PUC to perform maintenance on the east end well. The shutdown of the Shannon Well is scheduled to take place Tuesday (February 7th) between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM.

As a result of the shutdown procedure, there is a chance, some customers in the area could experience discoloured water. This is due to the fact that anytime there is a major change in the rate and direction of water flow within the distribution system, sediment in the watermains can be disturbed and carried along with the water.

Customers that notice their water is discoloured should:
• Turn on a cold-water tap and let the water run for a maximum of 15 minutes. It is best to use a bathtub tap, as there is no screen to trap any sediment.

• If the water does not clear up after 15 minutes of flushing, turn off your tap and wait 30 minutes and try again. If the water does not clear up after two 15 minute flushing cycles, please call PUC Customer Service at 705-759-6522 Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and 705-759-6555 at all other times.

The PUC apologize for this inconvenience to their customers, and wish to thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation.


  1. So we are going to have discolored swimming pool water again, what a surprise. It’s amazing that after all this time the water still tastes and smells like John Rhodes pool. It does no good to complain, it falls on deaf ears. What a colossal screw up by the PUC. We are buying bottled water by the ton and they should be footing the bill.

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