Wynne Liberals must release hidden Hydro One executive salaries in Sunshine List

Hydro One

QUEEN’S PARK – Today, Ontario PC Energy Critic Todd Smith demanded that the Wynne Liberals stop hiding Hydro One salaries from the public, and publish them simultaneously with this year’s Sunshine List of public sector salaries over $100,000. If no action is taken, MPP Smith will introduce a Private Member’s Bill to stop the secrecy and put Hydro One salaries back on the Sunshine List through amendments to the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act.

Despite Hydro One still being majority-owned by the public, the Wynne Liberals eliminated oversight immediately following the announcement of the Hydro One fire sale. The thousands of highly-paid executives at Hydro One will be glaringly absent from the Sunshine List for the second year in a row.

“Kathleen Wynne has admitted that she’s lost control of multi-million dollar CEO compensation. But what’s most galling is that she keeps these Hydro One salaries secret, while families are getting their electricity shut off in the middle of winter,” said Smith. “It’s clear the Wynne Liberals are completely out of touch.”

“The government’s unaffordable electricity prices are driving families into energy poverty, yet the Wynne Liberals’ priority is burying Hydro One salaries into secrecy. This government is anything but open and transparent,” added Smith. “Premier Wynne should prove she has nothing to hide. She should stop the secrecy and reveal the salaries at Hydro One.”


  • More than 4,300 employees of Hydro One and its subsidiaries were included on the 2015 Sunshine List of those making more than $100,000 annually
  • 77 per cent of Hydro One full-time employees were included on the 2015 Sunshine List
  • In 2014 the Hydro One CEO was the top-ten best paid public sector employees, making $745,208

Compared to the new Hydro One CEO who earns $4 million a year with bonuses, the CEO for Hydro Quebec makes $483,000 and the BC Hydro CEO makes $489,000


  1. This government has to.go. ! Hydro prices are killing us. As a pensioner we get a ve.ry small raise that doesn’t help.
    When Wynn came to power she seemed pretty good but now everything seems to be for the well to do
    Why does the CE I get 4 million dollars?. No one is worth that amount. All these very large salaries need to be cut and
    Hydro prices reduced.

  2. It is terrible to imagine walking through this life with that much animosity and hatred aimed at you. I live way, way below the poverty line and had a bill for 498.00 for one month on a house that was empty and had not one single thing running except an “energy-efficient refrigerator” that was not being opened. It’s a small house with every possible energy-saving effort having been made….blocked doorways, covered air vents, totally blocked upstairs level, and the heat turned down to just above freezing. Water lines were all turned off, hot water tank disconnected, and on and on. Still, almost five hundred dollars for thirty days. Almost half of that cost was delivery charges. If I were home, I would have frozen to death in the home I have paid off with hard work. Disgusting. Her party needs to hoist her butt out of that office if they EVER intend to be reelected in the next 40 or 50 years. A whole new generation of voters will have to come to age and have no memories of this horror story at all. I cannot believe she is allowed to disregard the screaming of thousands and thousands voters. If it were not for the fact that I am disabled, I would be standing in/at parliament and evoking the support of all the other angry, low income and freezing to death lives. Sure, tell us to convert to some other form of heat….give us the thousands of dollars necessary. There are no gas lines where I live. I have the blessing of being able to stay for a while in the winter with a family member(my 90 year old mother) who has gas heat so I don’t freeze to death in the Ontario winters. I have to leave my home to survive. Let’s see her suffer through living in a freezing cold home….not just overnight….let’s see a sixty day northern winter with no further heating methods available and a subsistence income. I am a proud Canadian citizen but presently I am certainly NOT proud to be an Ontarian. When you have to spend your senior years freezing and keeping on only one light, something is sorely wrong…..and my father fought and was permanently injured to protect our way of life. He’s, no doubt, rolling in his grave. We cannot afford to wait until June 2018.

  3. There should be zero tolerance for this blatant disregard for transparency by this liberal government. What is going on with this Hydro one fiasco is almost criminal like behavior. We should remain idle no more folks. Ontario is being led down a garden path to economic destruction. And it will only continue until June 2018.Thank God this reign by wynne’s gang is almost over.

  4. David Orazietti might be the nicest guy in Ontario, but….he’s a LIBERAL! He’s one of the people who created the mess we’re in right now. The only way out of it is don’t vote Liberal. Otherwise, you richly deserve what you’re already getting and will get more of if you do.

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