10 Ways To Keep Your Computer Healthy


Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Computer Healthy

1.       Restart your computer at least once a week.  Simple enough tip, but very important.  It will speed up your computer by returning any locked up memory, plus it will finish installing any monthly updates that required a restart anyways.

2.       Don’t download any free software, unless you are absolutely sure what you are getting.  Nothing is free, so you may be downloading more then you think.  A lot of free software is packaged with other spyware and adware type software that unbeknown to you, could be tracking your online moves.

3.       Frequently check your Add/Remove programs and uninstall any programs you know shouldn’t be there.  Be careful not to uninstall something you may need.  When in doubt leave it alone and get advice from someone who knows.

4.       Defrag your hard drive every 6 months to keep it running faster.

5.       If your computer is older, one of the easiest and cheapest things you can do on some computers to speed it up is to upgrade the memory.  8 GB of RAM or more is recommended to have a good experience browsing and multitasking on your computer.

6.       Have an up-to-date, paid Antivirus software on your computer.  Do not install or use any free Antivirus program.  Once again, nothing is free.  Most things that you download for free will keep asking you to upgrade or to buy an upgrade.

7.       To really speed up your computer, you can upgrade your hard drive to a Solid State Hard drive or SSD hard drive.  However, that is for more advanced users only. 

8.        Go to your Task Manager, click on Startup and take a look at all the programs that load each time you start your computer.  You may be able to disable some of those.  They only slow down your computer when it is booting.

9.       Go to your Internet Provider’s website and run a speed test to make sure you are getting the proper internet speeds that you are paying for.  If your speeds are much slower than expected, there are things you can do to speed up your internet speeds.  Make sure you are getting the speeds you are paying for.

10.   Scan your computer for viruses and spyware.  Run a complete scan.

Stay safe out there.


  1. Many people do not know that Mcafee anti-virus is free through your Shaw account and pay for others, they even pay yearly for Mcafee not knowing any better.

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