Andrea Horwath reacts to Ross Romano’s comments


The following statement was issued by the Provincial NDP Leader Andrea Horwath in relation to comments made by Sault PC candidate Ross Romano on Sault Area Hospital and Hydro rates

“The privatization of our hydro system, including lucrative contracts being awarded to an elite few, started under the Conservatives, and Kathleen Wynne is finishing the job.

That’s why it was bizarre to read the Sault’s Conservative candidate’s statement in the Sault Online. A cut-and-privatize Conservative is tying himself in knots, desperate to blame skyrocketing hydro prices on anything but privatization.

Saultites know what caused the sky-high hydro prices: well-heeled politicians letting friends and insiders make huge profits from the electricity system.

And the Conservatives’ solution? Who knows.

While Kathleen Wynne’s $40-billion borrowing scheme is a big win for bankers and obviously not the right plan, the Conservative leader and his local candidate, Mr. Romano, haven’t got a plan at all.

My plan is online for all to read, and it will save us all up to 30 per cent on our hydro bills. My plan provides immediate relief, and long-term change to the system to make electricity affordable going forward.

The Conservative leader has been a politician for 17 years – including nine years in the Harper government. He and his local candidate pretend that privatization isn’t the cause of the hydro-price crisis – and you have to wonder if that’s because they support continuing down the privatization path.”


  1. Anyone who promises to get rid of the green energy disaster, which was the sole creation of this liberal government, will get my vote. These 20 year lucrative contracts (to their liberal friends), these useless wind mills, these solar farms, these impossible electrical bills that are burying people, especially seniors and low income; these are all the creation of this liberal government. The primary reason these liberals are on a selling binge is because this liberal government has spent or squandered billions of your tax dollars and now is desperate to make it look like they are going to balance the books. Seriously folks !!! …… balance the deficit which the debt payment is 1 billion per month….seriously ??? Just my thoughts…………..I hope I’m wrong but, I don’t think so.

    • Councillor, you have to work with whichever party is elected as the governing party of Ontario. This is a fact you frequently demonstrate a lack of awareness of.

      That being said, the costs of hydro is very concerning. To borrow a phrase from a former New York gubernatorial candidate, the hydro is too damn high. But the price (and carbon taxes which will build into my point) of green energy are a necessary evil. Depending on the science, we’re anywhere from 80 years remaining to 20 years to too late to save humanity from irreparable harm to the Earth from climate change. At current emissions levels, we’re about 50 years from temperatures rising to unsafe levels. Renewable resources or energy from sources that don’t increase CO2 levels (CO2 trapped in the atmosphere causes the “greenhouse gas effect”) cost more because the tech for efficient and cheap production of power relative to coal isn’t there. Until the tech improves, the cost will be higher than “traditional” power generation forms but as the tech improves, leading edge tech will still cost a lot until it gets more mainstream but can we afford to wait until this tech gets cheap enough?

      So what results is that we have a choice as a society to make. It’s not necessarily the crux of this upcoming by-election or provincial election but it will play a role through electricity prices. We can abandon clean energy for cheaper but more harmful alternatives (there’s also a whole host of studies on the health impact of pollution in addition to climate change impact and coal plants certainly don’t help that matter either) and doom our children, their children and so on assuming it isn’t already too late for them or we can take some pain now for the benefit of future generations, the vast majority of whom we will never meet. My wallet certainly wants me to be greedy. I want me to be greedy… But I have a conscience and I want better for the future. Do you, Councillor?

    • Anyone who promises a full RCMP investigation into the Liberal Govt and Unions and OPP has my vote, hands down.

  2. But ANDREA…it did not help that you and your NDPers propped up the Liberals when you had the chance to dump them. You are very much a big part of the problem we now face in ONTARIO..own it !!!

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