ARCH Benefits from St. Paul Movie Project


A superhero film featuring the students of St. Paul school has helped more than school morale.  Funds collected through showings of the movie and the selling of promotional materials has resulted in a donation of $3,150 to the construction of a pediatric wing at ARCH.

Heroes of a Different Kind: Rise of the Dark Panther, is a seventy minute production with a storyline focused on anti-bullying and the journey of becoming a better ‘hero’ through teamwork.

“It is a tribute to our school community that they supported this project.  Our students have lived up to the theme of the movie in more ways than one. They are heroes of a different kind,” said St. Paul Principal, Larry Pezzutto.

Dan Lance, an art teacher at St. Paul’s, and his son Daniel a St. Mary’s College alum, and a recent film graduate from Sault College, wrote, directed and edited the movie which was shown to over 500 students and their families in two showings at Galaxy Cinemas.  The movie was also part of the line-up of productions viewed at the prestigious Shadows of the Mind Film Festival.

“It was a lot of hard work for me, my son and the students, who gave up their time to play parts in the movie, but the end result was fantastic and the support of the school community was even better.  It is great to give back with this donation on their behalf to ARCH as it does such great things every day for so many in Sault Ste. Marie and area,” said Dan Lance.

“ARCH Hospice genuinely appreciates the generosity from everyone who worked on this project. When we got wind that St. Paul’s wanted to donate proceeds from the film to ARCH, we were truly touched.  As a community hospice, seeing Dan, his son and the students come together and work so hard on something for the community is very heart warming.  All proceeds raised stay local to care for families at Hospice,” said Katherine Williamson, Marketing & Events Associate.

Other funds raised in conjunction with the movie will be used to support the arts program at St. Paul.