Big box stores: one reason your taxes are higher


As discussed at city council tonight in the concent portion of the agenda, big box stores like Canadian Tire and Home Depot locally, are a cause of the tax levy this year.

Why you might ask? Through an appeal process through MPAC or the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, they were granted the ability to pay less commercial tax and therefore the money had to be made up municipally.

Councilor Sandra Hollingsworth said it was disappointing that companies like Canadian Tire say they are giving back to the community but are in fact not, through their appeal.

Councilor Frank Fata pointed out that the city pays MPAC over $800,000 a year to do assessments and it was difficult news to hear.

No other big box stores were named locally besides Canadian Tire and Home Depot.

This was said to be a trend across the northern communities.

As Councilor Paul Christian pointed out, it makes life harder on all of us. And as he asked, yes lawyers were involved in the process on both sides.


  1. City shouldn’t gouge them to start with. Not to mention every one else in town…Including home owners. Pay the most, get the least, welcome to sault ste marie

  2. The problem is mismanagement by this City Council .The failure to collect taxes from Essar Steel before they went into Creditor Protection. CITY Council did not give instructions to the tax dept to collect these taxes owed by Essar
    It is the role of council section 224 to look after the financial integrity of this city.Not collecting taxes from Essar is violation of that section.That is the fact of this matter.
    Also under section 224 City Council is supposed to be over seeing senior management insuring that it’s bylaws are carried out. CITY COUNCIL is in violation of this section because it did not ensure the tax dept did do its job of collecting Essar taxes.
    City Council needs to understand that problem was created by them for letting Essar Steel not pay it’s taxes.
    Homeowners in Sault Ste Marie because of City Council failure to do is role as to section 224 of the Municipal Act.are now paying the highest property taxes in Ontario.
    These is unacceptable and all members of Council are at fault.

  3. Essar, if they survive, also want (demand) to pay just a fraction of the taxes that they have in the past.
    Things are going to get much worse around the Sault before they ever get any better.
    I know 3 more tradespeople who have left permanently in the last two months for work elsewhere.
    This trend will continue until Sault Ste. Marie is nothing more than a retirement town with nothing to draw anyone here, except outdoorsy type people who are retired, but even then may move to the outskirts to avoid the ever increasing taxes.

  4. Chamber has been saying taxes for industrial and commercial in the Sault are too high.I guess these businesses just got tired of empty promises from city hall and took the system to task. I would bet that these two will be the first of many. Buckle up…it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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