Big Hospitality News from Sault Ste. Marie


“Big news eh? That’s what we started with 40 years ago”, said J.J. Hilsinger GM and proprietor of the Inn. “Over time, it became harder to say all the words. In this era of rapid communications, the travel market has gotten confused.”

“Locally, people would say ‘we’re going to the ‘Water Tower’ or ‘we’re going to ‘Casey’s’. They would call our pub the ‘Water Tower Pub’. Most times they felt so familiar with our hospitality, that they would say ‘see you at the Inn’. However, the full name was rarely used. Then, there was the problem with those who couldn’t manoeuvre their tongue around the name ‘Algoma’s’ let alone torturing the name of the city by saying ‘Salt Saint Mary’.”

“In 2012, we alluded to the name issue and painted ‘The Water Tower Inn’ on our own landmark, the physical Water Tower. Ever since we did that, locals told us it was beautiful. Now I subscribe to letting beauty reign. We’ll go back to where we began, with the name that built an iconic hospitality leader, referring simply to it as ‘The Water Tower Inn’.

“It’s like a fresh breeze off Lake Superior” said J.J.  “It sure is a load off of my mind, and now we can say, welcome to the INN.”

The Water Tower Inn began as 105 rooms and expanded over the years to include a dining, entertainment and meeting complex with 176 rooms and suites. Four of the twelve suites are high end luxury, unique to Northern Ontario with elegant spa facilities, highly suitable for romantic escapes or prestige visitors.


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