Update: Person alive after being pulled from creek

Police officers look at the location the body was found.

Sault Ste. Marie City Police, Fire Services and Ambulance responded to discovery on the city’s waterfront around the lunch hour Friday.

A bystander in the senior’s apartment building told SaultOnline.com that a man walking over the  small bridge on the waterfront walkway “noticed something in the water”. Soon after, city police cruisers showed up along with the EMS. “The attendants immediately jumped into the creek” said the by-stander.

“It looked like they pulled a body out of the water” the witness told SaultOnline.com.

Police at the scene would not confirm or deny that a person was dead. Later  in the afternoon Police now say the person was alive when the person was pulled from the river and was transported to Sault Area Hospital. No other information has been released.



  1. I think the headline is misleading and negative. In the article it says there was no confirmation on the person being deceased or alive. I think the headline should have read a PERSON was pulled from the water.Shame on Saultonline.

    • My thoughts exactly! In his profile it says he is a “seasoned…professional.” ‘Body’ infers dead.

  2. “Platoon chief Richard Pihlaja arrived by command vehicle from No. 1 Fire Station on Tancred Street to find a female face down in the creek below the pedestrian bridge opposite the downtown Walmart parking lot.

    “I ran up to my knees in water, dragged her off and started CPR. She seemed to recover,” said Pihlaja.

    Paramedics arrived on scene shortly after and transported her to Sault Area Hospital, said Pihlaja.”

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