Council to go down to 5 wards and 10 councilors


A motion the motion to implement the recommendation of the Council review committee by Ward 3 councillor Matthew Shoemaker and seconded by Ward 2 councillor Sandra Hollingsworth was debated Monday night in council chambers,

The current council make-up is 6 wards and 12 councilors.

This reduction would save the city around $50-60,000 per year.

It was said that other municipalities of our size have less councilors. The Sault’s population has been decreasing and now we are at 72,000 people.

“This isn’t a small matter,” councilor Ross Romano said in his questions on the motion.

Ward boundaries and council hasn’t changed since 2000 and in some cases since the ’60s.

“Absolutely,” said the mayor to the question of community consultation.

Around 700 people responded to the online servey on the matter.

Councilor Frank Fata was concerned with workload as well as Romano.

Fata believes that their will be less qualified council with 10 councilors.

“I’m 63 years of age and I hate change,” councilor Susan Myers said but supported the change. She wanted the city to know she wants to attract young people to sit on council and the work isn’t daunting enough to do so.

Councilor Steve Butland said “two less seats isn’t that earthshaking,” but would not support the motion.

Marchy Bruni was quite clear as he read a speech he created for the issue as he concluded that “change is not required to a system that is not broken.”

Councilor Matthew Shoemaker debated that quorum would only be reduced by one and the same amount of councilors would sway decisions.

Councilor Joe Krmpotich agreed with Marchy Bruni.

“It does not hurt to do this review,” said councilor Sandra Hollingsworth.


  1. Simplest way to improve council is for them all to leave and put some people in their places that want to build this city. Not continue to slash every service, attraction, etc. And while they are still sitting council, they should start answering all of the emails, telephone calls, and other correspondences that they receive. Not just the ones that they deem easy to handle. just a thought

  2. And yet it is still not been made clear nor has it been explained as to how a reduction of representation is an improvement in council efficiency.
    Councillor Bruni is quite correct…. “change is not required to a system that is not broken.”

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