Dog goes missing following roll-over


Just at lunchtime,  OPP and Algoma EMS were called to the scene of a single vehicle rollover. The white pickup had rolled, losing its cap and coming to rest in the northbound lane, just north of Fenton/Treeby lakes. The highways were snow-packed with icy sections at the time of the incident. The highway was closed for a brief time, then OPP opened the highway to one lane, conducting traffic through the collision scene until the vehicle was towed away.

The driver, Wally was okay, but he was travelling with two dogs, Cane (Hurricane) and Cyc (Cyclone). Hurricane is okay and with Wally, but Cyc is missing. Cyc is male, border collie/lab mix, with a black body, brown legs and head. Normally Cye is very friendly and loving, but today has been a difficult day and he is probably terrified.

If you are travelling in the area and Cyc comes to you, please call Wally. Wally and Cane are anxious to be reunited with Cye, 613-920-0244.


  1. That happened to my dog and I years ago. He went through the drivers window and impacted 20 or so feet then ran. his strides were easily 8 or 9 feet apart found him next morning at the edge of a pond after following his tracks. Keep an eye for blood in the stool after the fact. I wish all well.

  2. Have the owner leave clothing at site the dog will return to the scene. Also as strange as it sounds for the other dog and owner to urinate in area. All scents will help bring dog back. Good luck

  3. Hope he is found safe and sound soon! This is why my dogs are always kept safely buckled while travelling!

    • Pros and cons to this. Your dog is trapped inside in event of fire or multi-car collision, and as dogs often become frightened/stressed after an accident they could be a threat to first responders trying to save someone else in the vehicle. Not saying its a bad thing, you just can’t win either way.

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