Hydro One sell-off, massive CEO salary increase show Libs still not taking hydro crisis seriously

Ontario Budget

QUEEN’S PARK – Today during Question Period Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath demanded that the Liberal government explain its defense for the salary of Hydro One’s CEO skyrocketing over 500 per cent since Hydro One was privatized.

“The current Hydro One CEO is being paid over 500 per cent more than his predecessor. His predecessor ran Hydro One when it was under public control, now it’s in private hands,” Horwath pointed out. “Can the acting premier tell us – is it simply a coincidence that this ridiculous pay increase occurred at the same time as her government turned Hydro One over to the private sector?”

Since the Liberals have been in government, hydro rates have jumped by 300 per cent, including a 50 per cent increase just since Premier Wynne took office.

“This ludicrous pay increase is an insult to the many thousands of Ontario families and businesses who are struggling just to keep up with their hydro bills,” said Horwath. “When you combine the offensively high salary with the fact that the premier and her government have allowed hydro rates to go up by 300 per cent, are continuing the massively unpopular and disastrous sell-off of Hydro One and refusing to release the details of their troubling borrowing approach – it adds up to a premier and government which is seriously out of touch with the people of Ontario.”

Horwath recently released the NDP plan to cut hydro bills by as much as 30 per cent, which includes putting Hydro One back into public hands – a move that will return an additional $7 billion to the province. The NDP plan is in stark contrast to the Wynne government’s approach – a borrowing deal that will force people to pay as much as $40 billion in interest to bankers, so that this Liberal Premier can recover in the polls.

“By focusing on herself and her party, Premier Wynne has driven many Ontario families and business to their breaking point,” said Horwath. “We simply have to do better. That’s why I proposed a complete plan to cut hydro bills by up to 30 per cent – and why I’ll keep pressing the Wynne government to take this crisis seriously.”


  1. Has anyone actually unstood what the NDP have up there sleeve, there plan for hydro rates is not a solution either. So donot get me wrong I am not liberal, I am not NDP, or conservative. I am one of them “swinges”. I vote on the platform the message. Right now the existing platform is crooked leaving many of us to choose power over groceries, We have to deny our children extra credicular activities, however the purposed platform leaves nothing but loss for Ontario yet again. We need a fair and true solution not a self serving solution. Not a Toronto based solution either. We are the north. We need a northern solution. We need a solution with out boardrooms and closed doors. We need munipalities, voters and busines to work together. Band together and foronce put the citizen first not the wallet.

  2. These liberals are screwing this province, financially, and many taxpayers & voters just don’t get it. The scary part is where and when will this nightmare end ???A good place to start the cleanzing process is with this local by-election.

    • I think we should start with that liberal Councillor Fata in Ward 5!

      Since he’s been on City Council, our property taxes have gone up 38.4%, expenses have increased by $44.6 million (through 2015) and the City’s reserves have gone down to almost zero! That liberal is screwing this city financially. “The scary part is where and when will this nightmare end ???” I think a good place to start is in the 2018 municipal election.

      • Don’t forget that Liberal councillor Frank Fata also proposes a sell off of locally owned government property, Bellevue Park, after all, “Bellevue Park has faded to a “shadow of its former self.””

        Let’s hope he decides to “sit aside” during the next election as he promised back in 2014.

        “Again, on a personal note, I am running in my 3rd term and am quite prepared to have this be my last term. If this request for term limits fails or can not be passed at Council, then I would still step aside, doing everything that I can to help make sure the new Ward 5 Councillor is a new, intelligent face and not someone who should be more suitably left in the archives.”


        How much do you want to be will be on the ballot again?

  3. Shouldn’t press releases be labeled as such? While press releases are basically canned news stories, they shouldn’t be presented as independent reporting by the publication. This story is an NDP ad presented as news with no indication that it was written or distributed by the Ontario NDP.

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