National Crayon Day – Crayola sends Dandelion into the Wind


In a move that has many on social media unhappy, Crayola announced today that the iconic Dandelion colour ‘Dan D’, has been retired. March 31st is National Crayon Day.

While there was no immediate announcement as to what the exact replacement colour will be ,the marketing campaign did state that it will be a shade of blue.

During the Facebook Live event earlier today, Melanie Boulden, Senior Vice President U.S. and global marketing at Crayola, said. “I can share two pieces of new information. The first is that the new color will be part of the blue family, and the second is this summer we are going to invoke our fans to name the new color because we want you all to be a part of Crayola history.”

Crayola has announced a retirement tour of sorts for ‘Dan D’ – Dandelion.

Fans of ‘Dan D’ can follow along via social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook is here: Facebook is Here

Dandelion’s Tour Map is here: HERE