NDP’s Krmpotich hearing all about skyrocketing hydro bills on the doorstep


City Councillor Joe Krmpotich, the NDP candidate in the upcoming Sault. Ste. Marie by-election, says the concern he hears most often when he is out talking to people in his community is their skyrocketing hydro bills.

“Nearly every day, I talk to someone who has a hydro horror story,” said Krmpotich on Monday. “Last week, I spoke with the Campbells. They’re seniors, and their bill has gone up to $350 a month. They are on a fixed income – how does Premier Wynne expect this couple to get by? Does she understand the value of $350 to a couple on a fixed pension? And why won’t the Conservatives say what they’d do about sky-high hydro bills?”
Margaret and Wilmuir Campbell told Krmpotich that they have done everything they can to keep bills down. They even try hard to avoid using appliance and lights during peak hours, but it never seems to be enough – and the bills just keep getting bigger.

“My hydro bill is too high and the supposed plan that the Liberals have come up with is nowhere to be seen,” said Mr. Campbell. “I say, their plan is what got us in this mess in the first place. My wife and I are elderly, and we only have a certain amount of money per month to live on – keeping up with our hydro bill really hurts our finances.”

Krmpotich also spoke to Jamie LaCross while out canvassing last week. Jamie is a mom of two who told him that she has completely shut off the electric heat in her home, and is now keeping the house livable using propane heaters.

That’s because LaCross’ hydro bills had gotten up to a whopping $1,200 per month, she said.

“People like Jamie are doing their best to make a good life for their little ones right here in the Sault,” said Krmpotich. “But Kathleen Wynne doesn’t get it. She’s using public dollars to run ads about hydro – but she’s not actually fixing the problem. For a mom like Jamie, that makes no sense.”

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath asked the Liberal government today in question period what she was going to do to fix the mess she made in the hydro system. While Horwath has already released a complete plan to cut hydro rates, Premier Kathleen Wynne’s failure to take action means the Campbell and LaCross families have no idea if, or when, relief could come for them. The Conservatives also have no plan at all – but at one time supported the privatization of Hydro One.

The plan from Horwath and the NDP will cut hydro bills by as much as 30 per cent, and includes returning Hydro One to public hands – a move that will provide Ontario with an additional $7 billion that can be invested in Ontario services. The NDP plan is in stark contrast to the Wynne government’s suggestion that they’ll use a band-aid borrowing scheme that will force people to pay $40 billion more in interest to bankers.


  1. Everyone has something bad to say about ppl trying to help . But wont get up and fight for themselfs . Get a life commenter’s dosent matter what is posted up . U have a negative comment .. u go joe and dont let any one get in ur way

  2. You might as well piss into the wind, Joe.
    You picked the wrong horse to win, they might think they have the best idea but it doesn’t much matter in the end.
    Somehow the rich always seem to get richer regardless but it’s a truly sad situation for the average taxpayer with clowns like Trudeau and Wynne in charge, that seem to think they can print unlimited money and everything will be just fine.

  3. The only solution is for everyone to send their puc bill to the govt. A 25% reduction is peanuts and will do nothing to help us today. It will only burden our kids and grandkids. And we all need to send our puc bills!

  4. I’m sending my puc bill to the Ontario liberal govt. We should all do the same. That’s the only way to get instant relief. This 25% reduction is peanuts and only burdens our kids and grandkids.
    If the govt does not pay our puc bill then we should withhold property taxes. Then we will see if the govt can function without 1.6 trillion dollars !

    • Property taxes are local so you’ll only be short-changing the city rather than the province… Not that it matters because this council is hellbent on draining the reserves while jacking up taxes and expenses (without improving services) whether they collect taxes or not.

  5. I assume that this means Joe will be equally as fervent about fighting skyrocketing property tax bills if he doesn’t win. Same goes for Ross. They’ve both overseen property taxes going up twice as fast as inflation. When they say that they’ll save us money, I’ll believe it when I see it.

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