No Joke Union Gas prices going way up April 1st


Natural gas rates are going up April 1 for customers in Ontario, particularly for those served by Union Gas.

The Canadian Press is reporting that the Ontario Energy Board approved a rate increase for Union Gas customers and those who heat their homes in Northern Ontario will see the biggest increase.  Union Gas customers can expect a jump of $50.30 a year or $4.19 a month on top of the new carbon tax of $5 a month on average that was added to the bills in January as part of the Wynne government’s cap and trade.

Those living in Southern Ontario will see the smallest jump of just $20.20 a year.

In its decision the OEB says the large increases are mostly due to previous credits expiring.

It says that in the case of “exceptionally large rate increases” the OEB can consider some rate mitigation measures, but in this case the threshold was not met.

Other natural gas providers are also upping their rates though Union Gas customers are faced with the bigger increases.

The OEB says, “despite these rate changes, overall, customers are still paying significantly less than they were at peak periods in 2009 and 2014, when natural gas costs were higher in Ontario due to factors including high market prices and unusually cold weather.”

with files from Canadian Press


  1. This is totally predictable last year wynne said they want all new house electric heat there trying to raise gas rates so people cant bitch about hydro rates they just drop hydro rates and now disquise a gas increase lol point is were always gonna get screw ok people every body turn every electric appliance and bulb on at 12pm april1st watch what happens to the grid.
    Nobody pay hydro or gas bill for 3months lets send them a message we control things not them.
    Untill we quit bichn and fight back were gettn it up the butt for life

  2. There seems to be no solution to the cost of energy to operate your home. How is this rate hike justified? I can see more Ontario residents looking to move to other provinces. I can see more industry moving out of this province. Why would any industry even look at setting up shop in Ontario?
    It would seem like the energy board and premier Wynne and her Fiberals have teamed up to completely ruin this province.
    IS IT ANY WONDER THE LIBERALS CANNOT FIND A CANDIDATE to run in this city? Its tough for WYNNE to call a byelection when no one will come forward to be her sacrificial lamb.

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