Northern Ontario Party to hold special meeting in the Sault

nop northern ontario

The Northern Ontario Party is calling an important information and member’s meeting for everyone who resides in the Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma-Manitoulin Ridings. This meeting will provide members of the public information about the Northern Ontario Party, party platforms and how to become a member.

This meeting will also include discussions and accepting nominations for the Board of Directors for both the Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma-Manitoulin Ridings


  1. Why should we Northerners be ignored by previous governments of the NDP,Liberals And PC’S? We need to break away and get away from the Carpet Baggers from the GTA.
    We need to take our Natural Resources and develop them and build the plants factories to get them to market.We need to build railways into the north to them to market and serve the remote communities giving access to the outside world . UNDER previous governments the ACR and ONR have lost their passenger services.We need to build new roads highways and infrastructure that has been neglected. We would be a have Province and received our rightful transfer payments.Northern Ontario has everything to gain becoming the 11 th province.

  2. They can hold all the special meetings they want but they won’t make one iota of difference.
    They should be commended for their efforts, though.

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