Ontario Releases Basic Income Consultation Feedback


Province Moving Forward with Pilot Program in 2017
Ontario is releasing a report that summarizes the feedback gathered from thousands of people across the province on how to design and deliver a basic income pilot.

Basic income is a payment to eligible families or individuals that ensures a minimum income level. It is designed to help people meet their basic needs while supporting long-term social and economic prosperity and security for everyone.

More than 35,000 people and organizations shared their ideas on a range of topics including who should be eligible for a basic income, which communities to include, how a basic income should be delivered and how the pilot should be evaluated, during the consultations.

Consultation feedback supports a basic income pilot that:

Includes Ontario residents aged 18-64 living in socially and economically diverse communities, in urban, rural and northern locations

Helps people living on low incomes meet their basic needs
Lifts people out of poverty, with long-term improvements in health, employment and housing.

The consultations help build on the advice the government received from the Honourable Hugh Segal in his discussion paper.

The province continues to engage with First Nations, urban Indigenous, Métis and Inuit communities to ensure their unique perspectives are heard and to tailor a culturally appropriate approach that reflects their advice.

All input received through the consultation process is being considered as the government works to introduce a plan for Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot in spring 2017.

Exploring new ways to help people living in poverty reach their full potential is part of the government’s plan to create jobs, grow the economy and help people in their everyday lives.


Between November 3, 2016 and January 31, 2017, about 1,200 participants attended 14 public consultations held in communities across Ontario. Over 34,000 people completed the online survey. Written submissions were received from more than 80 community organizations and groups with expertise and experience in fighting poverty.
The province is looking to create a pilot that would test how a basic income might benefit people living in a variety of low income situations, including those who are currently working.

Finland launched a guaranteed income pilot in January 2017 and the Netherlands and Kenya are also looking at developing pilot projects that test the idea of a basic or guaranteed annual income.

Y-Combinator, a California technology company has announced it will be piloting a basic income project that is expected to run for five years.


  1. Basic Income: A good plan folks, maybe, but it has one small flaw- where is this liberal government going to find the taxpayer dollars to pay for it. This liberal government, who squandered, gave away, blew on gas plant cancellations, blew on reorganizing the OLG and then not, blew on an Ontario pension plan and then not. Folks, this government has found another way to buy a victory for the 2018 election with your money. But, sadly, tax dollars that these liberals no longer have because they blew so much of it, already. Hang on to your wallet folks, because the downward spiral is far from over. And when everything is set and done, enough of you just might be fooled to vote wynne back in. You can’t make this sh?t up.

    • My comment to you the other day, Councillor Bannon, was about balancing today’s concerns with future issues. A recent U of T study estimates that between 10% and 40% of all jobs in Canada will be eliminated due to automation within the next 15 years. It’ll only go up from there. A solution is needed to support people who will lose their jobs and never get them back. Retraining support would be a good start but it’s not going to work for everyone. Just saying “this will never work because of the money” isn’t a solution. It’s a white flag and sentencing up to 40% of Canadians to destitution.

      Also, educate yourself with the “sunk cost fallacy.” You repeatedly demonstrate an inability to not think forward as you’re too busy looking in the past. Just we need green energy going forward, we will need to completely re-evaluate how economies work and maybe that’s through UBI.

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