People of Sault Ste. Marie Create New Travel Website

The "eh Team" Brothers

Canada Travel just launched Ontario, Canada and Sault Ste. Marie is a featured destination to visit on the award winning website and blog. Canada Travel is, by no way, your ordinary travel website. This website puts the marketing, promotions and branding of a community in the hands of the everyday person who lives in the community, the tourism businesses who operates in the community and the traveler who visits the community. The website is the only booking, planning and interactive tourism guide of its kind to implement social media technology, content marketing tools, participation marketing principles and live interactive travel communities.

Canada Travel is a website platform which enables tourism businesses, locals and visitors to shape the look and feel of a community. It is the people of the community who create the park, trail and places content for the website. They, not tourism associations, will write the articles, travel tips, travel stories, top 10 lists, things to do and post photos, videos and events that assists tourist in planning their next visit to Sault Ste. Marie. Everything people post, share and create is credited to the author of the content.

“This is an opportunity for the people of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to show their community pride. We, at Canada Travel, believe the people of the community are the most educated, have the most experience and knowledge about exploring their community. They live there, they love it there, they have earned the right to represent their community and to have a direct impact on generating the interest and revenues for their community,” smiles Greg Girard, Tourism Whisperer and Co Founder.

“Now the people have a platform to voice why tourists should come to their community for their next vacation, adventure, business conference, road trip or sporting event. They have earned bragging rights,” adds Web Ninjaneer, Colin Girard. The other half of the brother team who created

Canada Travel has live interactive travel communities published on the front page of Canada, as well as, every province and territory. Each person, traveler and tourism business who joins the website can post live status updates, specials, comments, photos, videos and pretty much anything tourism to the website and these posts are then published across the country on these travel communities generating instant national coverage. Once they have posted they are then rebroadcasted on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ connecting the author of the post with tens of thousands of travelers.

“What better way for a business to promote themselves than in real-time. With us a tourism business can signup for free, post daily therefore advertising themselves when they want and how they want across the country and social media. We are the only booking, planning and social travel interactive website on the internet. We are a travel website built by people not corporations,” concludes Greg Girard.