Police Services Building to be named after late Mayor


Sault Ste. Marie city council will be asked to approve the naming of the Police Services building on Second Line to honour of the city’s former Mayors.

At council’s regular meeting on Monday, city staff will seek approval to name the Police Services Building after the late Mayor Jim McIntyre who died tragically two years ago as a result of an accident downtown.

The request to council reads;

At the request of the Committee, a search of municipal archives was conducted
which revealed many projects that were undertaken during Mayor McIntyre’s
tenure including: proposed construction of a new City Hall, construction of the
Centennial Library, waterfront development, development of the Bridge Plaza,
purchase of the Old Stone House property, approval in principle to construct two
community recreation centres, development of camping facilities at Pointe des
Chenes Park, construction of seniors housing, and more. Mr. McIntyre was also
involved with the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge Authority for over 50

McIntyre died at age 88.

The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service advises that Mr. McIntyre was a member of the Police Commission through his position as mayor from 1960 until 1964, then was a provincial appointee to the board from 1967 to 1983 when he had to step down because of a new cabinet policy which limited terms of provincial appointees to boards and commissions to six years.

The following is an excerpt from the police publication Guardians of the Peace: “The son of a police officer, Mr. McIntyre’s contribution to progress in police concerns have been extensive. He headed the Association of Municipal Police Governing Authorities in 1973-74 and was a member of the Ontario task force on policing, which studies issues for two years before presenting a report in 1974.

At the time of his retirement from the Sault commission he was given a special exemption to continue another two years on the Ontario Police Arbitration Board, on which he had already served six years.”

Clearly, Mayor McIntyre contributed significantly to the development of the City of Sault Ste. Marie on a far-reaching basis and there are many fitting facilities which could appropriately be named in his honour.

The information gathered was provided to the McIntyre family, who indicate their preference for naming the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service building in honour of their father and grandfather.


  1. I have learned today that the Police Services Building already is named after a local Judge, and that with no disrespect to anyone involved, is an oversight, that needs swift fixing.

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