Ross Romano on NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s hydro announcement


Statement from Sault Ste. Marie Ontario PC Candidate Ross Romano

“The Ontario Progressive Conservatives are committed to investing in frontline health care and delivering hydro relief for all Ontarians, including our health care institutions which have seen electricity costs soar. We will stop the damage caused by the Liberals to undercut patient care at a time when we need reliable health care.”

“However, the NDP deserve a significant share of the blame for Ontario’s skyrocketing rates, given they have steadfastly endorsed the Liberals’ overpriced wind and solar contracts to Liberal-friendly donors which have caused electricity rates to spike.”

“Since 2009, the NDP have stood shoulder to shoulder with the Liberals misguided energy policy resulting in tens of thousands of wind and solar power contracts that at costs well over the market price and lead to surplus power on our electricity grid. This is despite serious warnings by Auditor Generals about the exorbitant burden to ratepayers – including a 2015 report that Ontarians overpaid $9.2 billion for this surplus energy.”

“The NDP continue to support the idea of over-generated high-priced wind and solar power, which is being sold at a loss to states like Michigan and Ohio at a cost to Ontarians of billions each year.”

“Only the Ontario PC Party has rejected this energy policy and will dismantle the Liberal and NDP backed Green Energy Act – in other words, the Bad Contracts Act. While both the NDP and Liberals propose band-aid solutions to hydro relief, we will stop further rate increases.”

“In addition, the Ontario PC Party is committed to supporting hospital staff and front-line staff in Sault Ste. Marie, which are being forced to do more with less. We demand the Wynne Liberals not proceed with hiring new high-powered executive vice-presidents to oversee a growing health care administration at the LHIN, and instead focus those funds on frontline care.”


  1. Do you really think that the PC’S would do any better we all heard this before.The PC’S are part of the problem.They had their chance,like The NDP ,Liberals .Why do we keep doing the same thing over and getting the same results.Time for real Change and that is Time for Northern Ontario to become a new Province. TIME TO GET AWAY from The Carpet Baggers from The GTA.We need to decide our own destiny,we have mineral wealth,and we need to put our Forestry and Mining workers back to work.We need to take charge of our Hydro wealth and get out of the Green energy nonsense.
    VOTE FOR US .Vote for Northern Ontario Party.

  2. I hope voters realize that the NDP are always in bed with the liberals…as well pointed out by Mr. Romano. I am pleased to see that the Conservatives are prepared to dismantle green energy and hopefully have a plan to get this province back to its greatness. I am surprised that there is not a ground swell form the opposition to get the PREMIER out NOW. She needs to resign and call an election now…she does have to wait til next year. If she is so sure she is on the right path..CALL AN ELECTION.
    Mr.Brown needs to bring this up and maybe???he would get the support of the NDP..although I doubt it.

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