Splash pad fundraiser brings in almost $20,000


The hockey tournament to raise funds for the splash pad in the Sault, raised almost $20,000.

The tournament total was $19,137.

The top men’s team fundraised $3,094. It was the Harp Pub Attack.

The top women’s team called Pucked Up, raised $990.

The top 2 pledge collectors were Andre Levesque with Team Roadhouse HC at $1000 and Curt Grewleski of Team Harp Pub Attack with $1000.

Big thanks to Lori Springall for helping with the women’s teams, and Rick Wysynski for organizing the men’s volunteer referees.

The splash pad that has been talked about at city council is getting a bit closer to becoming a reality with the hockey tournament which was organized  by a few dedicated locals: Albert Williams, Lorie Springall and Rick Wysynski.

Williams headed the fundraiser as the tournament organizer, and has helped with his hockey tournaments, to raise money for ARCH Hospice, Strathclair Park lighting and the building of a park on Marconi Street to name a few.

Last year the tournament actually raised $36,000 for ARCH.

This was the 14th year that the tournament has been running to raise money for various local causes.

There were 10 men’s teams and 8 women’s teams competing.

Approximately 220 players gathered pledges.

The games ran from the 24th to the 26th at the John Rhodes Community Centre.