“St. Catricks Day” Adoption and Fundraising Event


In support of Kitten Season The Animal Assistance Group (TAAG) is holding a special fun filled adoption event featuring some very wonderful kitties who are just waiting to find a loving furever family to call their own. There will be games and prizes ranging from $25 gift certificates off vet visits and adoption , shots UTD, a free spay nueter, a free adoption and more!!

Kitten season is the time of year when strays/unfixed pets give birth, flooding TAAG  with an overload of homeless cats. Kittens are born feral when “outdoor” cats become homeless strays. They can also be born to a feral (kittens born outside who are not rescued in time.) Feral Kittens can be socialized and adopted out if caught within the first few months, but once a cat is fully feral they cannot be domesticated.

Failing to Spay & Neuter, Pet Abandonment & Overbreeding is the main cause of feral cat colonies in our city. 95% of cats turned into shelters remain unclaimed, a shocking 99% of rescued or surrendered cats are unaltered. Out of over 300 cats turned into or rescued by TAAG in 2016 only 6 of those cats where fixed. Mating just once can start a domino effect that can result in dozens, even hundreds or thousands of homeless cats and kittens. Cats abandoned outside that are not lucky enough to be rescued become feral.

These past few years TAAG has developed an active TNR & Rescue program with trappers working hard all year round to track, and capture feral kittens, pregnant and nursing moms, as well as feral abandoned and homeless strays. They also provide low income spay neuter services for hundreds of families each year.

Resources are hard to come by, food, money, and space—are often stretched to their limit as TAAG not only takes in hundreds of adult animals every year, they are literally inundated with homeless kittens during kitten season.

Saturday, March 18th, 2017 Paws N’ Pets Petfoods. 628 Second Line West.

Please help TAAG control the pet population and save lives this Kitten Season by celebrating ST. Catricks Day with some special kitties just waiting to be kissed by you!