The ARTSPEAKS Project Launches into Action

Common Grounds

The ARTSPEAKS Project is a one-year pilot-project consisting of two distinct programs intended to offer women and female-identifying individuals impacted by sexual violence, addictions and mental health challenges, the opportunity to participate in art-based-learning through cultural mentorship with professional artists.

The ARTSPEAKS Workshop Series is set to begin April 4th, 2017. These structured sessions offered to clients of the project’s partner agencies – women and female identifying folks living with trauma and mental health challenges due to sexual violence and addictions the opportunity to participate in a closed workshop series with three local visual artists — learning the basics of art, design and narrative processes towards the creation of personally meaningful and exhibition-ready art works.

ART-Drop Fridays allows the project to engage with an audience beyond their partner agencies. This is an opportunity for a gender diverse community including: cisgendered women, female identifying folks, transwomen, two-spirit, non-binary folks, and youth (16+), not involved with the closed workshop series, to come together in the process of making art that speaks to their experiences in contemporary society.

ARTSPEAKS is generously funded by the Ontario Trillium Fund and represents the partnering of three local agencies invested in women’s health: Breton House, Phoenix Rising and the SAH’s Sexual Assault Care Centre. For more information about The ARTSPEAKS Project, please visit its website at: