Two vehicle crash on Trunk Road


A nasty two vehicle vehicle crash snarled traffic on Trunk Road at the Pino’s Get Fresh entrance and exit Monday during the noon hour.

Occupants of the vehicles were not injured but shaken up. Both vehicles sustained major damage. Sault Fire Services and EMS responded along with Sault Police Service.

The road remained open but traffic was slow moving around the collision site as police conduct their investigation.


  1. They are going to wear out all the firetrucks prematurely if they don’t stop chasing ambulances multiple times every day. Anyone have the statistics on how many of these ambulance chasing calls actually require them to be there?

    • Ted. You could probably get that information from the Ambulance Dispatch if you need it. Or maybe call the Fire Chief expert guy and ask why a fire truck is needed at these types of crashes. I would believe that there are rational reasons that put these firefighters on scene.
      Have a nice day.

      • Thing is they chase ambulances to many types of calls not just crashes, I don’t think they are required to be there at all the majority of the time.
        I don’t think you would get any straight answers on that from our “Out of town” fire chief.

        • How do you know they chase ambulances anywhere? They probably are dispatched by the same operators that send the ambulances. That’s who you should ask. Then there would be no doubt and you wouldn’t have to “think”.

          • Ted- Do you see all that fluid all over the ground coming from the red car?? After a hard hit like that it could of punctured the gas tank and started on fire/blew up. I’d certainly want firemen there if that were to happen! Seems to me it’s common sense for fire to be dispatched in this case.

          • Where there is the possibility of a fire or someone may need to be extricated, fine but I have seen them show up in multiple instances where they were not required and everything was already under control by the paramedics. In many cases they should stay put in case they are needed for a fire or something more serious. If they want to be paramedics they need to change their job classification.
            In the mean time they are putting a lot of unnecessary wear on the trucks, and we know by last nights council meeting that this is a problem.
            I also don’t believe that our “Thessalon fire chief” is working out very well and they should be looking for a replacement for him. He is arrogant and thinks he is too good for this small city after being the big cheese down south.

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