Yet another accident on Albert and Andrew


It is not yet known how many accidents have happened at the corner of Albert and Andrew, since the removal of the traffic lights but it is at least half a dozen by today.

Drivers are consistently disregarding the stop signs on Andrew Street.

How many more have to happen before there are serious injuries?


  1. Also, I would like to ask, why are there no facts or investigative work into this article? It’s simply just a PSA about an accident and crying out to motorists. How do we know that it was a failure to stop rather than possibly a car pulling out of a driveway?

  2. I agree with Bri. Most people do not know this but there is a distinct way to determine whether the intersection you are stopping at is a 4-way stop or not. Aside from scanning the intersection to see if there are any other stop signs, there is also a marker under YOUR stop sign that will read “All Way”. This is an indication of a 4-way stop.

    This intersection has been a 2-way intersection for months now. Stop looking at someone to blame and look at yourself

  3. The stop signs can be easily missed. Especially the one on the left due to the road being so wide.

  4. There is something wrong with that corner…atleast 1 accident a week.. major or minor…and drivers do NOT stop at the stop sign..they turn corner without stopping or looking and have almost hit me wile taking my child to the bus stop. We have brought this up to our ward counselor for 8 yrs about this corner and have been ignored

  5. There is nothing wrong with that corner. It is clearly marked with stop signs. The problem is drivers who do not heed traffic signs.

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