35 years ago, unemployment hit 10,000


We think things are bad in the Sault today but sifting through the archives at the library, this time, 35 years ago, unemployment was at 10,000.

Canada Employment Services in the Sault had to hire an additional 21 staff members in April 1982 just to keep up.

By November the number of claims from those laid off or terminated from work was 10,166.

By the end of that year almost 13,000 were registered as unemployed, over 3,000 were women.

At that time the work force was listed at 46,000 for the Sault.

Ed Connor, a spokesman for the service said “people need money now, not six months from now.”

Employment Minister Lloyd Axeworthy at the time said they hired 2,500 additional staff across the country to deal with the crisis.

By November there were over 36,000 claims across the country that were three weeks behind in processing.

The image used for this article was from the Depression times across Canada.


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