A Statement from Ross Romano on the Nomination of Debbie Amaroso


I’d like to officially congratulate Debbie Amaroso on becoming the Ontario Liberal candidate in the upcoming Sault Ste Marie by-election. Debbie has long record of public service in the Sault and I welcome her to the race.

I hope that with the Liberal nomination finally behind us, that Kathleen Wynne will listen to the people of Sault Ste.  Marie, who have been without a representative fighting on their behalf for over 119 days. The consequences of this neglect were very apparent in the budget that Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberals tabled earlier this week.

The people of Sault Ste Marie are very eager to have a representative to be their voice at Queen Park’s. It’s time for the Premier to call the by-election.


  1. Unfortunately, there is hardly much difference between the entities not in my observation.

    Major issues of primary importance are not getting addressed at all by any of them.

    My communication is really for no wrong purpose or motive without any reasonable doubt in my mind.

  2. I find it sad that Mr Romano would offer his congratulations to Ms Amaroso, and then in the next breath hurl political rhetoric at Kathleen Wynne.

    • well if you are too stupid to realize that not having an mpp fighting for us has no consequences then there is no excuse for you

  3. Would an elected CONSERVATIVE candidate actually be listened to at Queens park??…not too likely. It is time for Mr. Romano to tell us how his party will clean up the Liberal mess.

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