Amaroso seeks Liberal Nomination


Former Mayor and councillor, Debbie Amaroso issued the following statement today, April 17

My fight on behalf of the people of Sault Ste. Marie isn’t over. Today, I am happy to announce that I will seek the Ontario Liberal Party nomination for the coming by-election in our constituency.

With just over a year before the 2018 general election, Sault Ste. Marie needs a proven advocate to go down to Queen’s Park and fight and deliver for our city. We need someone who knows how to lead, can work well with others and will use a seat in the government to make sure Sault Ste Marie has the support we need to create and maintain local jobs.

I want to be that advocate and put my proven record delivering change for our City to work at Queen’s Park.

As the Soo’s first female mayor and a former city councillor, I am proud of my record fighting for our City. When I was mayor, I was a passionate advocate for job creation through the exciting plans for the deep water Port of Algoma redevelopment. I worked to secure funding from all three levels of government for this important economic project. I also have a long record of working to improve our roads, bridges and local bus service.

As a grandmother, small business owner and a former manager of our local March of Dimes, I am passionate about ensuring we invest in education, healthcare and the support people need to succeed here in the Soo.

For nearly twenty years, former MPP David Orazietti was a tireless advocate for our City, helping to secure funding for our hospital, our college and university, our roads and bridges, and to protect our natural environment. This Liberal government has been good for Sault Ste. Marie, and I want to continue in that tradition. We need to ensure we maintain our influence in the government and I will always fight to ensure our City’s needs are addressed.

Throughout my career, I’ve always been clear and straightforward with voters, and I’ll be no different as MPP. I have a proven record creating positive change for our City, and I’m not stopping now.


  1. The Liberals aren’t winning the by-election but they could at least pretend that they want to win. What does Debbie get for being the sacrificial lamb for the grits?

  2. first mistake Debbie thanking Orazietti for what ,,, things which were out of his control like education and Hospital ,,, what did we get more money than other cities .. no .. so he did nothing new jobs ..Essar at the edge of closing and not paying their taxes ,,, high energy cost including gasoline .. and why the parry sound received our northern money for our four lane hyway under his watch .. he did nothing so that is what you basing your success on ,,, What do you think how the liberals did over hydro Debbie ,,, I was liberal for about 40 years so how are you going to get me back ,,, so explain to me what they did and where you stand on it ,,,

  3. I think we’ve had enough of ‘Hashtag’ politics.. feel good strategies & a ‘[email protected]’ party platform of vague platitudes & obtuse references to obvious issues. My vote goes to the first person who stops calling it a ‘party’ & the first person who can correctly define ‘Shovel Ready’.

    The very first investigation into ‘Native Affairs’ was used as & ultimately tabled together as an election platform & a treaty strategy conducted in 1856.. the very same, 12 talking points of that report submitted 160 years ago are the same suggestions.. talking points & ‘Party’ platform(s) we find ourselves still struggling with today.

    I think every candidate including ‘Do-little’ Debbie needs to understand that this ‘Party’ is over.. the liberals in particular need to realize that this by-election could backfire into a vote of ‘No Confidence’.

    The old paradigm of ‘raising awareness’ is over. We need serious answers to some very serious problems.. we need more then just an obvious reflection of failed liberal perspectives.

    A ‘Deep Water Port’ is not going to save our Steel Industry any more then a ‘Co-Generation’ plant would have saved our Paper Mill.. a little honesty ‘back then’ could have prevented the crisis our community & our Province is currently facing today.

    Just sayin.. ‘Cheese ain’t got no business being on a turkey samich..’ – Si Robertson.

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