Area Change and What It Means To You


Notice of General Meeting – Dennis Township South Association of Ratepayers

Wednesday April 19, 2017

6:30 PM

Essar Room,

Korah Library

Theme “Area Change and What It Means To You”

The goal as an association is to gather information to questions that have arisen in a productive manner and then to disseminate back to ratepayers. Accurate information leads to better decision making in forward movement for the betterment of all.

Guest speakers will be making presentation relating to;

Governance and You (Provincial, Roads board, LSB)

Fire Services

Roads Board updates: Road realignment proposed project

Taxation updates

Organizers feel that by the 19th many of the seasonal residents will be back in the area and it would be good time and great opportunity for neighbours to get updated and gather firsthand information in regards to the developments happening over the last year.

Ratepayers informed can move mountains or at the very least lobby government bodies to make change where change is warranted.

The purpose is always to open dialogue, contribute and work towards positive solutions.

If unable to attend please submit questions or comments, meeting will be audio recorded.

David Poluck-Volunteer Organizer DTSAR- 705-253-2645- [email protected]

Lorna Rudolph- -Volunteer Organizer DTSAR- 705-946-3290- [email protected]