Cap-and-trade will destroy jobs in Northern Ontario: Says Brown, Glen Murray responds

Patrick Brown

Today, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown said the Wynne Liberals’ cap-and-trade cash will destroy jobs, referencing a letter that was sent to the Premier from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce that highlights its impact on Ontario businesses.

“Cap-and-trade will make life more expensive and Ontario more uncompetitive. Businesses of all sizes will close their doors and shutter their windows. Jobs will head south of the border, and Ontario will miss out on key investments,” said Brown. “You don’t have to take my word for it, the Chamber of Commerce said it themselves today in a letter to the Premier.”

The Chamber’s letter notes that increased costs could lead to Ontario “losing out on jobs and investment,” and that the Wynne Liberals “must consider how we can prevent exporting jobs while importing pollution.”

Businesses across Northern Ontario have been raising concerns about the impacts of cap-and-trade. Atlantic Power Corporation in North Bay was described as “the first casualty of the province’s cap-and-trade program,” after their plant was shut down and at least eleven jobs were lost. PC Leader Patrick Brown had also toured the Boniferro Mill Works in Sault Ste. Marie where the owner pointed out that his competitors across the border in Michigan weren’t subjected to the expensive cap-and-trade scheme.

“This Wynne Liberal cash grab is proof that they don’t want to grow the economy or grow jobs. If elected in 2018, an Ontario PC Government will dismantle cap-and-trade, and replace it with a system that helps the environment, protects the economy, and lowers taxes for families and businesses,” added Brown.

The following statement was issued shortly after by  Glen Murray, Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

“Patrick Brown showed again today that he just doesn’t understand the need for a realistic and affordable plan to fight climate change. Despite expert third-party research from EnviroEconomics showing his carbon tax scheme would cost families and businesses more but do less for the environment, him and some of his Conservative colleagues continue to support it.

Unlike Brown, we’ve chosen an approach that makes sense for Ontario. With the federal government mandating a carbon price for every province and territory by 2018, we’re taking a lead by moving forward with our plan to cap the pollution businesses can release into the atmosphere. This approach is best because it balances action with affordability, guaranteeing emission reductions at the cheapest price possible for families and the economy. It invests any proceeds raised transparently in green projects that will help make the fight against climate change easier. It also gives businesses the choice of either investing in green technologies to reduce their own emissions or purchasing allowances.

The Conservatives’ scheme would offer businesses no such choice, instead send us down a road that would be more expensive but less effective. Their carbon tax scheme would costs families and businesses four times more, put an immediate end to our important green investments and, most importantly, would not guarantee any reductions. Inefficient, ineffective and unaffordable – that’s how you’d define a plan that costs more but does less. Ontarians deserve better.”

– Glen Murray, Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change


  1. Does this mean that the PCs support a straight carbon tax rather than cap-and-trade? Perhaps he prefers massive government incentives for emissions reductions? Or is he skipping all this, destroying the environment for a vote grab and leaving future generations to deal with the consequences?

    It’s easy for everyone of voting age to ignore the environmental consequences of what Brown’s talking about since we won’t have to deal with the worst effects of the eventual environmental catastrophe. Hell, our kids and grandkids and great grandkids may not have to deal with the worst either. Four or five generations down the line with massive climate change, coastal flooding making the current most populated areas uninhabitable, and famine as the dominant issues of the day, they may regret our current shortsightedness.

    On the plus side, President Trump wants to land astronauts on Mars so maybe the future of the Earth is in inter-planetary colonization efforts rather than trying to salvage the environment now.

  2. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee with this liberal government. Their agenda is far more important than the horrific affect on our citizens. Let’s send wynne a strong message in this upcoming by election. Seriously !


      See my comment above. You obviously don’t read the comments before or after you post. You’re either using this as a platform to promote yourself or promote political views that your actions on City Council show that you clearly don’t hold yourself. Our tax bills going up and up and up show that you don’t care about taxes on citizens or businesses as much as you claim you do.

      Also, your complete disregard for the environment shows that don’t really care about the future. A cornerstone of Northern Ontario is natural resources and nature tourism. If we don’t do something about climate change and its causes, will we even have that in 100 years?

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