Cedarwood Lodge LTC ordered to Cease All Admissions effective immediately.


Superior Media has learned that the Interim Long-Term Care facility – Cedarwood Lodge, has been ordered by the Ministry of Health and Longterm Care to cease admissions.

According to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Inspection Report found here – publicreporting Cedarwood Lodge has been found to be in ‘Non-Compliance posing serious risk of harm to the health or well-being of residents. Pursuant to section 50 of the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007 (LTCHA), the Northeast Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)  and the placement co-ordinator for Cedarwood Lodge, have been directed to cease authorizing admissions to Cedarwood Lodge. This direction is effective until further notice from the Director under the LTCHA.’

In a letter dated March 28th, 2017, to Mr. Richard Joly, Chief Executive Officer, Northeast CCAC, from Karen Simpson, Director, Long-Term Care Inspections Branch, she states, “The ceasing of admissions has been directed based on my belief that there is a risk of harm to the health or well-being of residents in the home or persons who might be admitted as residents.”

Cedarwood Lodge, an ‘interim’ long-term care home opened in Spring, 2015 at the old F.J Davey Home with a capacity of 50 beds. Since it’s opening, Cedarwood Lodge has been plagued by a string of MLTC Inspection Reports dating back to June 2015. These reports highlight chronic understaffing – lack of adequate hygiene support for residents including regular bathing – poor quality of care – and several anonymous complaints.

Saultonline reached out to Cedarwood Lodge for comment and spoke with Carol Chlebus – Charge Nurse on Saturday morning, April 1, 2017, who stated that she is unable to speak to the Inspection Report.

Cedarwood is operated by Sudbury-based Autumnwood Community Care Inc, a privately-held company established in 1998.

Calls to Autumnwood Community Care Inc. were not immediately returned. Rudy Putton, Administrator, Cedarwood Lodge was not available for comment.


  1. Not sure if this would qualify as an update from the ‘Director of Care’ or more as an update on the ‘Direction of Care’ for people who were waiting for a placement..

    For the last three years I’ve been acting as ‘Care Giver’ & alternate decision maker for an elderly gentleman who I remember from my childhood & was a friend to my grandfather.

    It was recently decided that he was no longer able to take care of himself at home & for his own protection he would be kept at the hospital until a bed opened up at ‘Cedar Wood’.. He has medical benefits to cover his hospital stay, but he would be required to pay 1,600 dollars per month for a ‘ward bed’ once he was transferred.

    This story broke on Saturday & I received a call on Monday from a CCAC worker at SAH. I’ve since received two more phone calls ‘not’ to inform me of the current situation at Cedar Wood.. but to inform me that this gentleman will now be required to pay SAH while he waits for his placement into a facility.

    His medical benefits already cover any & all of his ‘hospital’ costs.. now they want him to pay these same costs out of pocket as well. This is getting to be ‘insane’. These people are predators with no concern what so ever for the ‘patient’ they have in their care.. the only thing SAH/CCAC sees out of all this is an opportunity at double billing.

    I’m going ask CCAC to send me this new information ‘In writting’ & when I receive it I’m going to take it to a lawyer.. I strongly suggest that any one who has their loved ones placed at, or waiting to be placed at Cedar Wood do the same.

    We still have 50 people ‘trapped’ in that facility.. & god knows how many who are now about to be ‘Double Billed’ for their hospital beds.?

    CCAC needs to be shut down & ‘investigated’ about these predatory administration tactics.. If we have 50 ‘patients’ being abused right in front of our faces. How many of our seniors are there out in the community tonight ‘fermenting’ in their own feces & sleeping on urine soaked beds.?

  2. Rosiland, if you have a complaint with a home, you lodge it with the site http://www.rhra.ca/en/ , they go in pull the residents file and go thru it with a fine tooth comb to find evidence against the home. You can also demand a copy of the patients file. I did it, after reading the file I found out my Mom had fallen 4 times and I was informed of 1 fall. I also saw how many times she didn’t receive her meds. When we pulled her out they had way to many narcotics on hand (I thought they were controlled) – I got my hands on them because I walked in without warning told them she wasn’t coming back and requested her meds, they handed them over without thinking then they asked for the meds back so they could “destroy” them when I lodged my complaint with them. I also had a meeting with the owner of the facility (from Toronto) and the head person prior to reporting them, their reaction of absolutely no concern resulted in about 4-5 months of contacting everyone I could think of to find out who to report to (it is amazing how many Govt. officials had no clue). Each facility is to have posted visible to all who you can report to. My Mom was in the facility for 10 months with 5+ hospital trips, she has been with me for almost 5 years with probably 5 trips. That there is a tell tale sign? If it wasn’t for a nurse at the Emerg. I may not have my Mom today as she noticed there was something not right with the med list brought in causing us to keep her from returning to the “retirement” home!

    If a person is found neglecting a child, it is taken away, why are these places different?

    There is a real problem in these places, I don’t care to hear excuses about staffing, wages, unions etc., ONCE is too many infractions, once can mean death!

    We have had to deal with in home care services, workers falling asleep on the couch when they were to watch over my Mom, showing up late, leaving early, leaving before their relief showed up, WSIB recipients stating they can’t do personal care, showing up as though they rolled out of bed and walked out their door, workers smelling like stale booze, workers wearing perfume (I understand they aren’t suppose to and there is a person with an allergy to it in our home). Really? Those are people who work with elderly.

    Perhaps better screening of those getting into this field should be looked into?

    • The Ministry needs to start by minimizing PSW to resident ratio in LTC which is a key strategy for improving quality of care. Many PSW’s have 11-14 residents each. It is important to ensure their working conditions allow PSWs to provide the compassionate and high quality care that their clients deserve. Having said all that, PSWs are rarely afforded the time to properly perform the necessary tasks assigned to them because of the psw to resident ratio and they often bear the brunt of complaints, sometimes unfairly, when care is compromised. You do have many PSW who will not stop until their job is complete even if it means they are their after their shift ends or running around until the end. PSW’s are the most under appreciated with in the work force. It all goes back to maybe the ministry needs to sit down with LTC employees to make changes for all involved in the quality of care for our elders, food costs per day, lower psw to resident ratio which would allow for more staff to be hired.

      • I have to wonder how many short staffed employees contacted the Govt. in charge to raise the issue? Nothing will be solved if no one speaks up!

  3. Anyone who has ever worked in long term care anywhere in Ontario can probably relate to any of the issues going on at Cedarwood. Just as an example, there are so many part time staff being “shared” in between many facilities in Sault Ste. Marie; since it is not feasible to sustain a household on strictly part time employment for some families. Therefore, you have nurses, psw’s, dietary, housekeeping etc. working sometimes 2 to 3 jobs to support a household of variable sizes.
    Also; remembering that in any unionized environment, there are stages of discipline for any “under achieving” workers. Generally, there are 6 or so stages before a person can be terminated (all depending on the severity of the incident). While I’m agreeable that there is a time and a place for a union, any of my personal experience being a part of or dealing with a union; it seems like there is strictly protection for the low performers. High performers pay their union dues to be in constant frustration with the low performers they have to work with on a regular basis (If they show up to work at all).
    Even attendance management programs that companies adhere by; where there are “levels” pertaining to a percentage of time missed for various (and yes sometimes legitimate) reasons. A person could be at the final/highest level, and still maintain employment thanks to that lovely union. That’s the problem! There’s other facilities in the sault facing the staffing issues. The first thing that happens is for people to blame supervisors, management whomever. It’s not management calling into work because they don’t feel like coming in for a short shift, and leaving their co-workers stranded. Calling in last minute before a night shift, where by labour laws it’s illegal to call someone at their house after a certain time of night. It’s a vicious circle of defeat. You have people booking off all the time, not being able to discipline them beyond a certain point as management, and their co-workers becoming so frustrated that they’re working short that those high performers become spiteful, and won’t come in when they are called, which leaves their co-workers short again. “Overtime” isn’t really budgeted for at any facility, it’s more times than not an out of pocket expense. That’s when lay-off’s start happening. That money has to be re-couped somehow.
    Lets also look at how the ministry funds a home. In the kitchen, they are expected to feed your loved ones 3 meals and 3 snacks a day for $8.33. That is per person, PER DAY. Not meal. DAY. That cost is also including supplements like ensure — that comes out of the food budget. While food is obviously bought in bulk, there is not much of a price difference from retail. Prisons get more money to feed the inmates than any kitchen in health care gets. Including the hospital.
    Labour hours are similarly funded, the bare minimums. The ministry has extremely high and sometimes unattainable standards. Even lighting is mandated. While I whole heartedly agree that those standards absolutely NEED to be in place to protect and safeguard our elderly, facilities need to be given the means to provide the utmost care to these people.
    Do some research, get educated before jumping to conclusions about anything you read. Read up on what defines a “critical incident”. The reports are so vague, that there is no conclusive facts to determine what actually happened, only how it is perceived.
    More people need to be on the bandwagon to help change health care, encourage your children to volunteer, be a volunteer yourself! Be the change in the world, don’t just complain about it!

  4. its unfortunate that everyone is focusing on issues from 2015 when the home first opened under a terrible management company and yes CCAC orchestrated 4-5 admissions a day! There is no home in ontario that could properly admit, assess and careplan for these people appropriately. What people dont understand is the language within the legislation for example if the careplan states “resident is to put back to bed after meals” and the Inspectors note that the resident is still up at 130 likely due to their own choosing possibly to attend an activity without asking why they will document that staff didnt provide care as stipilated in the care plan. There has NEVER been an instance where a resident has gone 14 days without a bath….it boils down to the rediculous amount of charting required under legislation for the PSW’s and it simply goes unchecked on their flowsheets but instead of asking various staff members they document it as such on their rediculous computers that they march around with. Cedarwood has not had staffing issues since 2015 in fact has the BEST staffing ratio in town while other homes are laying off. The cease to admit order has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with resident care as there were no orders in relation to this..its simply issued to allow the home time to comply with the rediculous political requirements and aspects of the legislation that have ZERO to do with resident care. There are homes in this town that have gone into complete enforcement by the ministry most recently as last month yet because of their size and notariety it doesnt make headlines but if you all go to the public reporting site you’ll see for yourself. Lynn Brown you are a disgrace and should be ashamed of yourself for misrepresenting this article and focusing on issues so far in the past. You have dramatically and purposely broken the hearts of all the fiercely dedicated and passionate people who work at Cedarwood lodge.

    • Lynn Brown should be proud of herself, not ashamed. the inspector reports are linked in the article. don’t shoot the messenger.
      Of course there are dedicated people at cedarwood, there are dedicated workers in all these facilities. There are also incompetent staff in these places. This industry is not immune to less than stellar staff. No workplace is. That doesn’t excuse this sad state of affairs.

    • Pardon me, but didn’t Lynne Brown simply report the content of a letter from Richard Joly? I don’t see her making any personal comments here that should solicit such derogatory comments from you.
      I remember a year ago when the media did a couple articles on this same place based almost exclusively on inspection reports that were available to the public but yet some member(s) of staff stuck wads of gum on a patients nameplate outside her door because they blamed all their woes on her family member.
      There’s more, you wanna hear?

      • Yes please, tell more Tom! I agree there is lots more. Staff who are drug addicts and will take a pain patch right off an elderly patient that has cognitive problems to use for their own addiction. Some seriously sick stuff goes down to the most vulnerable! It’s stomach churning. My family member fell face first out of a wheelchair, bad bad fall. (with an alarm on the chair!) No staff found them splayed out on the floor, another resident had to alert staff!! Laying on the floor in pain for who knows how long? Just pathetic. Triple fail, alarm fail, fall fail, staff even noticing, FAIL. I’d constantly find meds in the room or bed, clearly not administered if they are on the floor or in the bed, I’d go tell RPN and would get a blank stare and a “oh well, oops”. I hollered at staff on many occasions “if this was your parent, would you leave them like this??!?” No of course they wouldn’t, no reasonable adult would. But nothing EVER changed. A PSW course is quick (8 months) and then a job, but that doesn’t mean many who are hired are suited for this line of work.

        • Rosalind could you please confirm or deny whether or not what you mentioned occured at Cedarwood? Bc otherwise its slander and defamation and you can be charged.

    • Are you kidding me Crystal? Looks like more incidents than when they “just opened”, you must be one of the abusive neglectful workers in that field if you feel Lynne should not have posted an article on it! Shame on you, remember you will get old one day!

      Year 2017
      Inspection Type
      Inspection Report
      Notification of Cease of Admissions
      Mar 28, 2017
      Notification of Cease of Admissions Mar 28, 2017 – PDF
      (371 KB)
      Resident Quality Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector
      Feb 21, 2017
      Resident Quality Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector Feb 21, 2017 – PDF
      (185 KB)
      Year 2016
      Inspection Type
      Inspection Report
      Critical Incident Inspection
      Jun 27, 2016
      Critical Incident Inspection Jun 27, 2016 – PDF
      (150 KB)
      Other Inspection
      Jun 27, 2016
      Other Inspection Jun 27, 2016 – PDF
      (149 KB)
      Complaints Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector
      Jun 22, 2016
      Complaints Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector Jun 22, 2016 – PDF
      (309 KB)
      Follow-Up Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector
      Jun 22, 2016
      Follow-Up Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector Jun 22, 2016 – PDF
      (327 KB)
      Resident Quality Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector
      Feb 24, 2016
      Resident Quality Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector Feb 24, 2016 – PDF
      (142 KB)
      Critical Incident Inspection
      Feb 04, 2016
      Critical Incident Inspection Feb 04, 2016 – PDF
      (42 KB)
      Complaints Inspection
      Jan 20, 2016
      Complaints Inspection Jan 20, 2016 – PDF
      (47 KB)
      Year 2015
      Inspection Type
      Inspection Report
      Complaints Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector
      Dec 22, 2015
      Complaints Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector Dec 22, 2015 – PDF
      (49 KB)
      Critical Incident Inspection
      Dec 22, 2015
      Critical Incident Inspection Dec 22, 2015 – PDF
      (25 KB)
      Follow-Up Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector
      Dec 15, 2015
      Follow-Up Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector Dec 15, 2015 – PDF
      (58 KB)
      Critical Incident Inspection
      Sep 30, 2015
      Critical Incident Inspection Sep 30, 2015 – PDF
      (18 KB)
      Complaints Inspection
      Sep 28, 2015
      Complaints Inspection Sep 28, 2015 – PDF
      (46 KB)
      Complaints Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector
      Aug 14, 2015
      Complaints Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector Aug 14, 2015 – PDF
      (72 KB)
      Follow-Up Inspection
      Aug 07, 2015
      Follow-Up Inspection Aug 07, 2015 – PDF
      (12 KB)
      Critical Incident Inspection
      Aug 07, 2015
      Critical Incident Inspection Aug 07, 2015 – PDF
      (20 KB)
      Follow-Up Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector
      Jul 22, 2015
      Follow-Up Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector Jul 22, 2015 – PDF
      (6.98 MB)
      Other Inspection
      Jun 25, 2015
      Other Inspection Jun 25, 2015 – PDF
      (28 KB)
      Other Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector
      Jun 16, 2015
      Other Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector Jun 16, 2015 – PDF
      (62 KB)
      Complaints Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector
      Jun 03, 2015
      Complaints Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector Jun 03, 2015 – PDF
      (55 KB)

  5. Certainly didn’t take them long to mess that up.. these investigations seem to have started from the moment they ‘re-opened’ the doors. How can any CEO justify a ‘starting’ salary of over 300 thousand dollars per year.?

    Let’s not forget that the Davey Home & Tendercare were both being investigated.. found, fined & closed because of non-compliance. Our ‘conveniently quit’ Member of Parliament handed these same people 40 million dollars to re-open a new facility.

    While CCAC picked-up a multi-million dollar mandate to re-open those 50 beds and continue right along the same path.. CCAC & Sault Area Hospital have allot to be ashamed of. We have/had one client who was dropped into our building by CCAC & they couldn’t brag it up enough about how sensitive they are to their clients needs.

    They signed the ‘chart’ every day & had an entire brigade of ‘workers’ flying in and out of that room claiming to be doing these ‘great things..’ we opened the door a couple of weeks ago because this man was screaming for help & we found this poor individual had been left lying in his own feces and urine soaked clothes for over a year.

    He was taken to the hospital & Service Master refused to send their employees in to clean it up.. the room has been pretty much ‘condemned’ & CCAC had the nerve to call the property owner and asked if they could place another client in there once the unit was renovated.

    These people are sociopaths in the truest sense of the word.. we can’t blame this on the nurses or the volunteers, this is a ‘Criminal Neglect’ willfully implemented at an administrative level. There are no ‘Staff Shortages’ these are Executive Officers taking ‘their’ cut first.

    Just Sayin.. seems like SAH and CCAC give themselves an ‘Award’ & a raise every time some one files a complaint. This is a ‘Big-Red’ warning flag.. we need to open criminal investigations for clients inside & outside of Sault Area Hospital.

  6. This health care system is a disgrace, I’ve worked it for over 14 yesrs and I e seen some pretty horrible things. I’ve witnessed abuse on residents from the staff, neglect and disrespect to themake and their families. I recall one specific incident where the night shift was short (shocking, not) the PSW who was myself was on a lunch break and one of my residents had rang his Belk to be changed as he was soaking wet, the RN, yes the RN who was covering me answered his bell and informed him that he would have to wait until the PSW returned from break. He waited for 20 minutes in a soaking wet brief until I returned. When I returned to the unit the RN in charge as she was walking off the unit said to me…Mr. So in so needs to be changed…I asked her for clarification…he was changed or needs to be changed? She stated needs to be and walked off the unit…yes folks this is an RN who’s job it is to care for ppl and treat them with dignity and respect had let him lay in a brief saturated in his own urine. I reported this nurse to my superior and guess what happened…nothing they swept it under the carpet and the situation got way outta hand…as a result of my complaint on an all mighty valuable RN I was labeled as a trouble maker, which in the end resulted in me being forced to quit my job. And yes just because the building is pretry doesn’t make it a great place for our elders to live. The place I worked was just built a few years back, at the end of Northern and pine area. The management is a joke and those who stand up and are hard workers are the ones being fried, whIle the piece of shits who cause these problems, neglect their duties are praised and are still holding a position within these facilities. They say there is a whistle blower protect but that’s a load of shit, they will find away to fire you trust me it happened to me.

  7. I pulled my mother from a Retirement home in town, then had them investigated, they were found guilty of NOT administering her meds on MULTIPLE occasions, what happened? The Retirement Home was given their Licence to operate. Families must watch the homes, report them, and watch out for those who don’t have families to speak for them (that was my reason for starting an investigation, my Mom was safe with me but there were 133 apartments left behind with people who may not have had family to speak up). Sadly, it doesn’t change things but perhaps if enough investigations are done someone will notice and correct the situation. I am sure many died unnecessarily at the hands of our Seniors homes (my Mom very well could have with not getting her meds – I found out because she was like a junky going through withdrawals and landed in the hospital – thankfully she didn’t have a stroke), they just haven’t been caught like that nurse finally was down south! It took me about 4-5 months to find out who to launch a complaint with (our Government official’s didn’t even know where to send me), look up http://www.rhra.ca/en/ you can do searches of homes to see reports against them. This is who you launch complaints with if you see neglect or abuse.

    • Great info Val! Thanks. I tried meetings with management, so frustrating, best to get a paper trail, I sent a complaint to the head of the facility directly. Then I got a registered letter in response. Honestly – their response just made me roll my eyes, same crap they’d say to my face. You are right, more people have to file complaints via the correct method!! I’m going to search the site you suggested and see if my complaint was sent up the chain!

  8. I just finished reading the Inspector reports linked in the news story. I encourage everyone to (try) and read all the official reports, my god it’s heartbreaking, this is elder abuse! SHAME! The reports clearly show why this system is BROKEN, I’m not involved in the healthcare business and even I can see huge operational fails.

    ie. Inspector figures out nurse didn’t update patient info correctly, so the PSW’s who only have access to a paper “care plan” did not have updated info, resulting in mistreatment of patient, person in charge of facility agrees it’s unacceptable.

    Hello! Inspectors who write reports and observe the chaos… even you are not addressing the obvious!! Even if PSWs have access to info on pieces of paper – that won’t help and you know it! WHERE DO PSW’s HAVE TIME TO SIT AROUND READING 30 patient care plans while scrambling just to deliver basic needs, baths, toileting, hoisting and a myriad of other things, and if they are lucky, maybe get a lunch break??! God forbid someone calls in sick, odds are nobody will take the shift to cover so they will be short. And where does the RN in charge of the whole damn floor have time to input constant data updates?? They are responsible for up to 30 HUMAN BEINGS, and serious things are going down constantly with elderly and unwell patients, everything goes sideways more often than not.
    Is this not insane to anyone else but me??
    Why don’t the execs in charge (with sunshine list salaries), the inspectors who inspect, the government who decide budgets and rules, see that the work-flow model DOES NOT WORK. It will never work, because there isn’t enough front line staff to flow this level of work! This is not a factory! They aren’t cattle! They are our loved ones, at their most vulnerable in mind and/or body, entrusted to this system of chaos!
    Cedarwood Lodge is especially egregious, but I hate to break the news to ya’ll that similar problems happen at all our long term care facilities. The ratio of residents vs. caregivers is unacceptable.
    After having relatives in our long term care locally I can’t recommend it to anyone considering it for their loved one. Unfortunately when mobility loss or cognitive problems make it a necessity to be in such a place, you will have no other option. Like I didn’t. Be vigilant! As family, you must!

    It was a horrible experience, and I tried so damn hard, I fought to secure dignity, to enact change, I wasn’t afraid to go to the top, it was exhausting, it went around in circles, just like you can see in the inspector reports. No staff communication, no steps taken to correct that blatant fail by those in charge. None. I regrettably accomplished nothing for all. My loved one died there. I never want to step foot in the place again after all I witnessed. It’s soul-crushing.

    So, you see, even I failed, I should of done more, but what? …as a family member you can only bang your head against the same wall so many times. No way in hell this is ever going to work with minimal front-line care-givers and bloated middle management who just push papers around and in this case admit 5 to 6 people per day!? Only 2 out of 44 residents had care plans in place? omg that’s disgraceful. Allowing that is a blatant disregard for human life and the CEO in charge of this facility should be be held fully responsible, it’s criminal in my opinion. As the saying goes, if you aren’t part of the solution – you are part of the problem.

  9. Funny how the author and these “puppets” comment on something they don’t have accurate information about. Don’t believe everything you read from the media and non credible sources. Know what your are talking about before embarrassing yourself on a forum. Oh wait, you can hide behind a computer screen and not be held accountable for your comments. Much like the comments on here and other media outlets such as Soo Today, people need to get a life

    • There is no life to get. Neglect is painful. Those residents should be moved out to the hospital and as beds open, into long term care. There are issues also in new buildings, don’t be fooled by decor. Pretty buildings will not feed you, nor give you a drink when your body stops you from doing this yourself. Families need to be in hose hallways, make their presence very visible. Not hiding behind a computer, have experienced both sides.
      Sean, sad you think this is exaggerated or untrue?

      • Sean- READ THE REPORTS linked in the article. How much more accuracy would you like? I’ve experienced it, I know what I speak of. This is not a case of ‘fake news’ in the media. It’s based on fact in the reports they obtained. You r the one that needs to get a life pal. You are probably upper management of one of these horribly run facilities hiding behind a computer.

  10. 2017 Sunshine List
    North East Community Care Access Centre
    Chief Executive Officer

    • How can you sleep at night Mr. Richard Joly? What possible explanation could you have for this fiasco? How can ‘any’ reasonable person allow 5 or 6 admittance’s per day to happen, at a new facility, with all new staff, dealing with the most vulnerable (who in many cases aren’t even able to communicate for themselves)!? To top it off they don’t even have care plan in place?
      Are you on the ‘beds-filled-bonus-plan’ to get your 300k a year bro?
      PS- Karma has no deadline.

  11. This just makes my stomach turn sour!
    There were reports over a year and half ago about this place rehiring many staff that had been fired and dismissed from other facilities!!!
    Just disgusting!!!!!!!
    I agree what has been done for the last two years????
    Does it have to go to this all time low and threat to the health and welfare of beloved vulnerable people before something stops!!

    Wow and they call it the “golden years”!!!
    Well obvious money speaks
    loud and clear!!!
    Despicable and so so shameful!!!!!

  12. It’s very easy to bitch and point fingers. The truth is that the system is broken. Funding does not come close to being adequate, the ministry has set out guidelines that are not attainable or make sense in any way. I completely agree that it’s a bloody shame the conditions our elderly are being forced to live in but to shame people trying to do their best with far from adequate resources.


    *You, your family and friends will need to use Health Care services.
    *Politicians need to know that improving health care is important to you!
    *We can start to make a difference beginning with By-Election Health Care platforms.
    *Politicians determine how important an issue is by the turnout at public meetings -how many
    votes they think it will get them.

    *Support the ideas of your friends, neighbours, family, front line workers by attending.

    *Share your experiences, suggestions, ideas and concerns about Health Care in the Sault
    publicly to our panel (2 minutes); talk to one of our workers privately who can record your
    responses; submit a written document at the meeting or send an e-mail.

    *We will use the information for our Health Care All-Candidates’ Meeting, May 10 at the
    Marconi Club & to organize information sessions to improve Public Health Care in our

    APRIL 12, 7:00 PM, MOOSE LODGE, 543 Trunk Rd.

    Sault Ste. Marie & Area Health Coalition [email protected] 705 254 2885

  14. these seniors have been living in these conditions at least since June 2015 or longer … I like to know exactly what the Ministry of Health and Longterm Care have been doing for two years when these seniors seem to be living in conditions that are now unlivable … I hope charges are laid to the owners of this disgraceful situation they created. and this should haven’t taken two years … I hope the residents and guardian bring a class action lawsuit.I hope the government fulfils their responsibility and seek justice …

    • W5 last week, Rivera chain of homes, class action suit. Try to view w5 on family lawsuit. Get the ball rolling.

  15. Shame! Shame on those in charge keeping this running as long as it has. And how will the elderly stuck there now fair if they are already in non-compliance?! The most vulnerable of our society, worked hard all their lives – only to end up in a place like that! And the other facilities available here are no bed of roses either. All I can hope is to die before I get too old and need to be in a place like this.

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