Could Debbie Amaroso Take The Liberal Nomination?


With just two months left before the deadline for Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to call a by-election in Sault Ste. Marie, the Sault Liberal Association may have found their candidate – maybe.

A phone survey making its rounds asks voter’s who would they voted for. It lists the two other candidates, Ross Romano for the PC, Joe Krmpotich for NDP and Debbie Amaroso for the Liberals.

Amaroso confirmed to on Sunday, “they have approached me but I haven’t made any decisions yet” Amaroso said. Amaroso has been off the public radar since 2014.

Amaroso served for one term as Mayor of Sault Ste. Marie from 2010 to 2014. She was the Sault’s first woman as Mayor. Prior to becoming Mayor, Amaroso was a city councillor for ward 5 for many years.

Several rumours have been floating around starting with Ward 3 councillor Matthew Shoemaker possibly running. Though Shoemaker considered running, he decided he was content with his workload as councillor. Other names circulating were ward 2 councillor, Sandra Hollinsworth and even Mayor Christian Provenzano.

Premier Wynne has until June 30th to call the by-election to replace long term MPP David Orazietti who had held the riding since being elected MPP in October 2003.


  1. The perfect selection to drive the last nail in the fiberal coffin and get them ousted for good. They had their chance and messed up large.
    Wynne is so clueless she is too stupid to know when to step down.
    There’s no question that David O knew when to jump ship.

  2. It is really sad when the LIBERAL party has to almost beg someone to run for the party. Ms. Wynne should take the hint and call an election NOW…before she does anymore damage to this once great party.

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