Council dances around salary disclosures for economic development agencies


“I cannot believe this,” councilor Frank Fata said a number of times concerning the discussion over whether the economic development entities funded by the city disclose their incomes over $100,000.

City councilor Matthew Shoemaker brought forward the motion that since the city funds economic development entities like the EDC, it should divulge its $100,000 money makers.

Councilor Ross Romano and Steve Butland were vehemently opposed to the motion eventhough as Shoemaker pointed out they were in full support of earlier this year.

When it came down to a vote the motion failed.

Council, including the mayor were nervous of the legalities around the issue but Shoemaker was steadfast in declaring and clarifying that these entities are funded by the city and should disclose the nature of who is making the big bucks, if any.

These entities have danced around the issue as well by getting legal advice in the past and hiding their wages from the public.

As said, the motion was voted down and the waters made all the more muddy concerning who this money is going to that is coming from local tax dollars and amounting to over $2.3-Million.

Note: Frank Fata was in favour of the motion.


  1. Disclosure of the salaries is dancing around the root of the problem altogether. The City’s payroll is over half of its operating expenses and is still growing. The payroll in 2015 was $98.5 million or 53% of operating expenses. Disclosing anyone’s salary won’t address more fundamental payroll issues like how high it is in total and how much growing payroll is driving up our tax bills. It doesn’t matter who was for or against this motion because it’s diverting everyone’s time and energy away from the real issue and finding actual solutions.

  2. Exactly. Time for someone to fire up a Freedom of Information request. Hopefully these drastically over-worked EDC workers are not on pay-for-performance measures…Economic Development has been pretty anemic of late…

  3. It would be nice if council would think of the lowly taxpayer first. What right do they have to keep this information from us? It will make many feel the salaries are way too high and they are afraid of the back lash. SOMETHING VERY FISHY HERE.TAXPAYERS are paying these salaries..NOT city council.

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