Debbie Amaroso nominated as Ontario Liberal candidate


“I’m proud of my record fighting for the Soo as Mayor, and I’m ready to do it again as MPP”

Debbie Amaroso, the first female mayor of Sault Ste. Marie, was nominated today as the Ontario Liberal Party candidate in the upcoming by-election.

In her remarks, Amaroso said: “I’m proud of my record fighting for the Soo as Mayor, and I’m ready to do it again as MPP. There’s a lot of work to do. We are a little over a year away from a provincial election and we need to make the most of this upcoming year. We need to focus on key community issues and creating sustainable positive change here in Sault Ste. Marie.”

She argued that we need an MPP with experience who will deliver positive change for Sault Ste. Marie, saying, “We need an MPP who will stand up for local jobs, and work to secure those jobs and create new ones, whether in the private sector at Essar or at the OLG.”

Amaroso continued, “We need an MPP who will continue to bring important investments in Sault College and Algoma University. This Liberal government has invested in our schools, college and university, and I will continue that commitment of support for our educational institutions. We also need an MPP who will ensure we have reliable healthcare and the environmental protections we need to protect our beautiful natural surroundings. And we need an MPP who will roll up her sleeves and make sure our roads, bridges and bus service get the funding they need so you can get around town and trucks can get their products to market.”
Amaroso concluded, “This by-election is about our community and who is best positioned to deliver real, positive change for the Soo and for you. And here’s the thing — no matter who we pick as an MPP, it’s still a Liberal majority government, so I believe we need a seat at the table making the decisions, not just someone across the aisle. We need someone on the inside fighting for us. That’s what we’ve had for over a decade, and it’s still what we need. That’s what I’ll fight every day to deliver for you.”
Amaroso was nominated by Sault Ste. Marie MP, Terry Sheehan.

Debbie Amaroso was a mayor and city councillor and is a dedicated community volunteer and small business owner. She’s the best choice to hit the ground running and deliver results for Sault Ste. Marie at Queen’s Park for the next year before the provincial election.


  1. Liberal? Not in this town or this lifetime, Debbie, don’t waste your time.
    The two fools in charge seem to think they can print unlimited money and everything will be ducky.
    They have a huge wake up call coming.

  2. In the next election…look for a Liberal/NDP coalition to prevent the Conservatives from forming a majority government.

  3. I am a lifetime Liberal supporter and would like to offer the courageous lady all the “luck” in the world. Having said that I want her to look to the two Liberal leaders in charge right now and hope she is aware she has a snowball’s chance in Hell of achieving the office she strives to attain. My Liberal vote will be placed elsewhere, thank you for the ride.


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