From racing cars to racing transports

Scout Transport Races
Photo by Peter Jaspers-Fayer

Submitted By: Christopher Maltais, 20th St Paul`s Scout Group

Ready, Set, Race!  On Saturday, April 29, 2017, Scouts from the Algoma Country Area (Sault Ste. Marie and area) will have the opportunity to compete in the annual Scout Transport Races.

If you were able to catch the story about the races, in the last issue of the “Connection“ (or on the SaultOnline homepage), I explained about the Kub Kar Rally.  The Kub Kar Rally is for Cub Scouts, ages 8 to 11.  When Cub Scouts reach 11 years of age, they move up to Scouts which is for youth from 11 to 14 years of age.  For the purposes of the races, Scouts move up from racing cars to racing transports.  The groups in the Algoma Country area which are eligible to participate in the races are 1st Bar River, 11th Westminster, 20th St. Paul`s and 21st Eastside.  They will be taking place at Laird Township Hall on Pumpkin Point Road at 10:00a.m..

The transport kit comes in a box with all the pieces needed, which include sixteen pieces of wood, a pin to attach the trailer to the cab and eighteen wheels and axles.  Like the Kub Kar, each person can customize their truck to look however they want, but unlike the Kub Kar, there is a little more involved to putting it together.  You can choose the conventional cab model or the cabover model.  Painting is also up to the individual.  In the past, we have had box trailers, log trucks, car carriers, steel trucks, the design possibilities are endless.  Trophies are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  The weight limits are 325 grams for the truck and 775 grams for the trailer for a combined weight of 1100 grams.  As long as it falls within the required weight limit it is ready to race!

As in past years, after the Scouts are done their contest, leaders, Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts participate in a friendly competition as well.

Scout Transport races are in their fourth year of operation in this area.  Just like the Kub Kar Races for Cubs, the Transport Races are an opportunity for Scouts to meet up with youth from other groups in town for friendly competition.  Besides this event, other activities that Scouts do through the year include: the International Scout Rally camp in Trout Lake, Michigan, the Area Winter Fun Day which is for all Scouting members, Head Shaving for World Cancer Day,  and the end of the year Rendezvous Camp which is being hosted in Sault Ste. Marie this year.

The motto for Scouts is “Be Prepared“.  As they progress through their three years in Scouts, leaders base a lot of their teachings on this concept.  If the group is planning on a weekend camp, preparations are made at weekly meetings to make sure that everyone brings the right clothing for the weather, menus are made up and troop equipment is checked to see that everything is ready to go.  If, by chance, something is forgotten at home, they learn how to improvise, such as using a Frisbee for a plate or using a pair of wool socks (hopefully clean!) as oven mitts.  Throughout the year, they learn how to light camp stoves and lanterns, set up tents regardless of the weather (could be hot or cold out or raining or sunny), and to dress for the weather regardless of the season.

If anyone is interested in joining Scouts or volunteering to become a leader in any section, please visit for more information.