Gas going way up !

Gas prices have shot up to their highest values in 3 years April 11, 2017

You still may have time to get a reasonable deal on gas if you shop around. Gas shot up at a few local gas stations Tuesday morning to $122.9 a litre from 110.9 yesterday.

Esso stations, owned locally by McDougall Fuels is known to be first out of the gate when prices shoot up and today was no exception.  Two weeks ago gas was going for as low as 97 cents.

As of noon Tuesday, Petro Canada was still selling for $1.10.9 , a full 12 cents cheaper than its competitor. Circle K on Second Line is also posting cheaper prices.

The prices are going up because of “seasonal factors” such as refineries changing from winter blend gas to summer blend. “It costs more for refineries to produce and put additives in the gasoline to allow it to become less volatile under heat as temperatures that are warming up, so is the price of fuel.” said Dan McTeague, an analyst from

Southern Ontario also saw a jump of about 6 cents Tuesday, the latest increase locally puts the price of unleaded fuel the highest its been this year and the highest since 2015. In January of this year a carbon tax of 4.6 cents per litre plus GST was introduced by the Ontario Liberal Government.



  1. How shameful are we as Canadians when we need to run another Country to survive! SHAME on big corps. Billions of dollars of profit, millions of dollars of bonuses all the while they know Canadians just won’t stand together in solidarity. Shame on us we let it happen, shame on the sault for not standing up for it’s people and keeping the sales in her own town. Unbelievable!

  2. To avoid the Big Oil gasoline price gouging, plug your Tesla Model X, electric car into your household, solar array.

    • Nonsense. Just continue to cross the bridge and save on gas as well as 15 pack of beer for $9.95 instead of $30 here, and anything else you might want to save some money on while you are there.
      eg. Wrangler jeans, relaxed fit $16.95 in Soo Mich., same jeans $45 here.
      You cannot compare.

  3. There is absolutely no excuse for gas prices being this high.. time for a general boycott. One day of ‘Economic Disruption’ just to get ‘their’ attention.. two days to show ‘them’ it was deliberate.

    Everybody stay home for one day & not ‘buy’ anything.. watch how fast these multinational corporations switch to damage control. Stay home for two days of ‘National Sanity’ awareness & watch how fast our ‘elected representatives’ take notice.

    It used to be.. that companies would compete for our business by lowering prices running up to a long weekend. Now with so many companies hidden under the same umbrella, they can raise the prices when ever they want without concern or ‘threat’ of losing our business.

    Rents in the downtown core were up and over $575 dollars per month for a room.. no furniture, no cable, no internet access, no bigger then a closet, offering a shared filthy bathroom & no protection under the landlord tenant act.

    It only took one developer to see the logic in lowering his rents by 20% & we now see landlords all over town listing their units at the same price & with just as many or more amenities.. ultimately no one is going to ‘save’ us from ourselves.

    We need to stop the insanity by not participating in it.. One day of ‘disruption’ is worth a year of corporate forethought. If we all stayed home for one day they would think twice before hiking those prices again.

    Just sayin..

    • Haven’t bought a drop of gasoline here in 30 years.
      I’m doing my part, what does it take to get people to follow suit??
      It seems that people LIKE to be gouged?

  4. It always happens when a long weekend is on its way! Its the prices that sky rocket that stops people from going places so in return you don’t make the money. Seriously need to think on this stations. If I owned a fuel station I wouldn’t hike the prices up due to long weekends that’s for sure!

  5. It is certainly worth a trip to Soo Michigan now !!! What are these seasonal changes that cost so much?
    It is just another excuse to raise prices…and of course…it happens right before a long weekend. Canada will never stop this gouging as they rely heavily on the taxes generated. The higher the price of fuel…the more the government brings in.

  6. Blame the weather lol

    It’s always blame something other then rich pockets lol

    America here I come. Even with toll both fare and exchange. It’s sooooo much cheaper lol

  7. No surprise coming from this monopoly of greedy gougers.
    All the more reason to save some hard earned money and head across to Soo Mich to fill up.

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