Hello Spring! but keep your eye on the weather !


Don’t be fooled by the odd warm day or summer-like weather says Susan Richards, owner of New North Greenhouse, it’s still too early to plant in the ground.

Temperatures in the Sault ranged from 19c to 4c for daytime highs this week, there’s still wide temperature swings at this time of year.

“watch the weather, nothing should go out that’s tender yet” Richards said, “people are so anxious and they want to buy flowers but if it’s below ten degrees Celsius, it’s still too cold to plant in the ground – the soil is still cold so the roots won’t be that happy.”

That goes for flowers as well as tender vegetables like tomatoes and peppers. Trees and shrubs are okay.

Richards says if you’re thinking of planting into the ground, the best time of the season is the first full moon in June, and that usually falls within the first week of the month.

It wasn’t just the flowers that were colourful at the Hello Spring event Saturday at New North Greenhouse.

Richards is celebrating 25 years in business this year at her Airport road location. The business has grown from a few greenhouses to many and has become the city’s largest garden centre. They have inventory added from flowers and shrubs to almost anything you would need for flower gardens, vegetable gardens, outside furniture and ornaments.

The greenhouses open on Earth Day but Saturday was her seasonal event “Hello Spring”, a sort of grand opening of the season that features many local exhibitors and artisans as well as musical entertainment as you stroll the warm greenhouse and take in all the goodies from carpets of flowers everywhere as well as hanging baskets.

Richards warns however that hanging baskets won’t be happy until the warmer weather arrives.  “You can take them in and out until about Mother’s Day” Richards said. “unless there’s a blizzard on Mother’s Day like we seen a few years ago”, Richards laughed.

Take a stroll around the greenhouses at the hello Spring event in the photo gallery!